Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday, Part Ollie

Like we did when Rhett was just about to turn three, we took a trip to Hershey in honor of Ollie's birthday. And if I had thought to charge the camera, we would have pictures. But really, it was a lot the same from three years ago. And maybe, it was a little bit worse because the things that used to be free for two-year-olds are no longer free. Plus, there were a bunch of things that weren't even there any more. So we did all we could and then quickly looked for something else.

And know what we found?! Dutch Wonderland! It was close and perfect for our age of boys, even if a little expensive. But we thought we'd try. Guess what happened? After about 45 minutes, threat of rain shut down the park. Thankfully we got our money back and so we had to find something else to do.

And know what we found?! Not a lot. We took a quick drive through Lancaster County and saw a couple of Amish buggies, and we stopped at one market. Then we were bored again (poor us). So we thought, well, let's get dinner and then try Dutch Wonderland since the weather seemed to be improving. And we did. But again they closed the park after we took one ride. Money refunded again.  I guess the good news is that we got four rides for free! The bad news is that we'll have to go again and pay for Ollie (the two and unders are free). I should mention that Rhett is a HUGE scaredy cat. HUGE. But I told him that if we were going to pay their crazy costs, he was going to ride EVERY. SINGLE. RIDE. At the first (and only) "scary" ride he was in tears...until it actually started moving and then, of course, he loved it. But after being kicked out twice, we headed home.

And because we were all so tired, Saturday was a low-key kind of day. Groceries, shows, library, naps...just the usual. With a little bit of birthday partying in there. The most exciting news is that our local neighborhood pool is offering a one-month special for a super sweet deal. So right now, you're reading the blog of a woman with a pool membership. I know. I'm cool. But now that we have it, we're going to go every single day. Even if the day is overcast, in the 70s, and threatening to rain (ahem, I'm talking about YOU, last Saturday). We're going.

Happy 3rd Birthday Ollie!


Focus on his cute face and ignore my nasty hair.

Two favorite toys.

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  1. 3 is such a great age. Such a cute happy little guy!