Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Math Genie

Rhett is asked a bunch of math questions by my friend Natalie, all of which he gets correct (except "What is 11+14?" but including "What is 500+500?").
Natalie: Rhett, you're a math genius.
Rhett: A what? I thought you said math genie. Like I would pop out of a bottle and ask you math questions.
Natalie: Did your parents teach you all of this?
Rhett: No. They don't teach me anything.
It really does amaze me how early the know-it-all attitude sets in. Oh well, at least he'll be a teenager in less than a decade. At which point, he totally will know everything. For reals.

After an amazing morning filled with brotherly love and obedience, we ran errands and came across a pirate nutcracker. I bought said nutcracker for Rhett because he LOVES all things nutcracker (and it was only $2.25).
Rhett: Mom, even if I had other moms, you'd still be my favorite.
Note: This was just days before he said he was going to stop talking to me forever, lest you think we're always lovey-dovey.


  1. He's just so cute. He'd probably rather be a math genie, but I would say he is a math genius. :)

    Ha, of course we don't teach our kids anything! So funny.

    I'm glad you'd still be his fav. But why didn't he want to talk to anymore? :)

  2. That was one of my favorite kid conversations! He really is sharp! Genius! But apparently not very humble. ;) Love that kid!