Friday, August 8, 2014

The Game that Chuck Built

Well, I guess I should say, "The Game that Chuck Helped Build," as he certainly didn't create the whole thing. But for the past many, many, MANY months, Chuck put in a lot of hours programming an old-school computer game, Quest for Infamy. Remember the game that the boy was playing in the first scene of "Big?" That's how I like to think of the game, even though I've never played either one, so what do I know?! Anyway, it's been on sale since the day we arrived in Utah and I'm pretty sure we'll be millionaires at the end of the year. So that's exciting. And a huge exaggeration.

With or without the riches and fame (although his name is pretty big in the credits), it's still pretty exciting for him. And pretty exciting for me because I might get my husband back at night.

Here is the screenshot of his name in big lights. Or, just his first name. Because y'all know how crazy I am about privacy.

P.S. Ugh. Want to feel old? Not only is the movie "Big" 26 years old, but remember how in the movie, Josh grows up to be an adult? Do you know how old Big Josh is in the movie? 35. That's right. I'm older than Big Josh.


  1. Haha, old age is totally relative, though. :)

    Awesome about the game, but even more awesome that you'll get Chuck back at nights! We'll have to chek it out somehow someday. :)

  2. Emily, I doubt you would want to check it out. There are some questionable language/theme elements that I am am pretty sure you wouldn't approve of. My only disclaimer is that I was the programmer, not the writer.

  3. Yes, being "grown up" is totally relative!