Monday, August 11, 2014

Get It?

Can you decipher this card? There are hints below, should you need them. And you might. I know it's a stretch.

Hint 1: Another word for a female sheep is _____.
Hint 2: Yes, it's a strawberry, but more generally it's a _____.
Hint 3: "Goodnight nobody, goodnight _____. And goodnight to the old lady whispering 'hush.'"

P.S. Who has seen "Sharknado" and will actually admit it? I'm not ashamed. In fact, Chuck and I found it quite amusing. And by "quite amusing," I mean "absolutely hilarious with an unbeatable ending."


  1. Yes, I have seen Sharknado! Some friends of ours threw a "shark party" a few months back and we had shark themed food, too. Watching that guy chainsaw through the shark only to see the girl appear was so hilarious I think I cried a little bit. Horrible, so funny.

  2. i got it and i didn't even use all your hints - just hint #1. fun. what's it for?

    i have no idea what sharknado is - but you probably already knew that. :)

  3. everyone LOVES the card. it's awesome. the kids keep saying, "tank ewe berry mush." it's so great!

  4. SO cute. Creative and FUN.

    I have not seen Sharknado, but I think I really better!