Friday, August 22, 2014

Upcoming Trips

Trip 1: Camping and Dutch Wonderland in October.
Trip 2: Some adults-only trip to some undetermined place at some undetermined date. (Yes, we are going somewhere without the kids again, but this one we really earned.)
Trip 3: Run a totally awesome 10K in Cleveland, Ohio. Costume ideas are appreciated (just don't suggest a big pink bunny suit).
Trip 4: Phoenix in January to visit Chuck's parents who moved there last year.
Trip 5: Camping and the beach for Spring Break. We're liking these hybrid trips.

P.S. Next week will be an end-of-summer wrap-up and pictures of the first day of school.


  1. everything sounds really fun. i wish we could do some of those things with you guys. :(

    k, here is your outfit:
    these tights of course:

    this yellow undershirt:

    this overshirt:

    and whatever skirt you make/buy with these:

  2. and don't tell me it's going to be cold. sometimes for fashion you have to make sacrifices. it's only for an hour . . .:)

  3. Phoenix in January- GENIUS.

    Fun times!!! All of them sound delightful. Our "trips" revolved around soccer and baseball tournaments, I know try to contain your "excitement" I do! ;)