Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Car

There are some thing that you only need a couple times a year, but because their costs are prohibitive, you don't buy them. For me, these things include a smart phone (I cannot pay that much when I have the internet close to me most of the time, or because I can use my dumb phone to call someone else who is close to the internet), mini-DVD players for the car, GPS, or a bigger car.

We have only two little boys so our two cars (Subaru Impreza Outback and Toyota Corolla) should be sufficient, no? Of course. Except when we go camping. Because when we go camping, it's such a pain to get everything in the car. In fact, we can't get everything in the car; we have to get everything that doesn't fit in, on. You can't really tell, but the trunk is jammed as is the area at the boys' feet. Ugh.

So now we're thinking about getting a new car. But what to buy? I want something with more cargo space (for when we go camping, but maybe just for bikes or for the double jogger) but also something that has high fuel efficiency since most of our driving is city.

P.S. Had we won last week's Powerball of nearly half a billion dollars, this post would be moot. Not only would we buy ourselves two new cars, but a jet to fly us there. And a chauffeur to drive us around upon our arrival.

P.P.S. We went out shopping last night and drove a CRV. We looked at the RAV4, the Scion something (WAY too small), and a Kia Sportage (also too small). The surprise of the night? The Mazda CX-5. We got to the dealership too late to drive, but we'll go back. We still need to look at a Forester.


  1. ooohhhhh, kind of fun. i can't wait to see what you decide on!

  2. UGH!!! car shopping. We will be replacing J's truck soon ( well, not replacing really, because he would never get rid of it). Those mazda SUVs sure are cute!

  3. I hate car shopping with a passion--so much that I was not even present when my current car was purchased. I let the hubby do it. We made the jump to a giant (at least to me) SUV last summer, and as much as I fought it, now I love it. I have room for everything and anything. I've heard good things about the Honda Pilot also.

  4. Oh! Exciting! Can't wait to find out what sweet wheels you decide on. Duhn-duhn... will these be the wheels that get Rhett a driver's license? Craaaazy!

  5. To be honest, I am totally sold on the Mazda. I just need to convince e that we should get a NEW and not just "new to us" car.

  6. good luck. looking for cars is the worst if you ask me. some neighbors (actually 2 next door neighbors) bought those mazdas you were talking about since their kids (yes, they are my parents ages) researched and said they would be great for them. anyway, hope you find something you like!