Monday, January 2, 2012

Bad News, Good News

Bad News: Just found out that my eyes aren't "stable" enough for me to get Lasik.  And due to an eye disease my mother has (which means I might inherit it), I might never be able to do so.
Good News: I got $5,000! I got $5,000! We saved to pay cash for the procedure, but because I can't (see above) what to do with it? I'm thinking a self-driving tour of Ireland...

Bad News: We tried to play with Ollie's sleep schedule to see if something different would help him sleep at night (so that we could sleep at night). Sadly it didn't work and was much, much worse than what we were doing.
Good News: We successfully went back to what we were doing and are happy again with our once-nightly wake up.

Bad News: Our anniversary was the lamest we've had yet. It was just like any regular day with the boys, which is normally fine, but not what you hope for your anniversary. (Thanks to friends we were able to go out the night after our anniversary, but still.)
Good News: We're not divorced! We have many, many more chances to make up for it! And all of them without a small babe!
Update: I typed too soon. Our Saturday night date turned out pretty great. We went to Matchbox and had yummy sliders, pizza, and three totally awesome desserts (chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich, lemon tart, and fruit pizza). We even had good company join us for dinner. Then we went to Chuck's parents' house to play some Super Scrabble wherein my last word (we had to cut the game short) was "topcoat." That's right: a seven-letter word.

Bad News: I go back to work tomorrow after my five-month maternity leave wherein I have a new boss. This also means the death of my "just me-and-Ollie" days.
Good News: I reclaim my adult time, my "Erin" time, my fancy-dress time. My "easy" days return!

Bad News: I lost zero weight in the two weeks spanning Christmas.
Good News: I gained zero weight in the two week spanning Christmas.

Bad News: Ollie is not even close to going to nursery.
Good News: Rhett is a Sunbeam! A SUNBEAM! I am old enough to have a Sunbeam! (Note: this is meant as a joke seeing as though (1) I'm 34 and definitely old enough to have a Sunbeam and (2) girlfriends I grew up with not only have Sunbeams, but also have kids in the youth programs.  They might have got a bit of a head start on me, however.)

Happy 2012! Here's to a year with more good news than bad.

P.S. Don't worry if you didn't receive a Christmas card from us this year. No one did. I'm hoping we get a pass given the new baby and Chuck's surgery. We might try to get out a "Bubble Bath Day" card or a "Dress Up Your Pet Day" card or maybe even "Measure Your Feet Day" card. For tomorrow, I leave you with Happy Fruitcake Toss Day everyone!

P.P.S. Check out my parents' cute blog here. How awesome is Japan?! Chuck and I want to go on a couple's mission right now seeing as though it seems like my parents are only (1) sightseeing, (2) sleeping in, or (3) going to Costco.


  1. yes, that is what mom and dad have been up to - much to their dismay. :) hopefully they'll get some real missionary work soon!

    sorry about lame-o anniversaries. but, if it makes you feel any better: the last 2 anniversaries for ben and me we have all (all = ben, me, and all our kids!) gone out to dinner. luckily we went places each year where kids ate for $1 or free. lucky us. though i don't think this year we'll be so lucky. ha!

    and, yes, at least you didn't gain weight. that's pretty impressive.

    good and bad about going back to work.

  2. Augh!!! Stop! With every post, you break my heart. Seriously. It makes me miss you.

    The $5,000? I cannot believe you posted anything after that. WOWZA. So, so, so, so exciting. Definitely use toward a supa-anniversary celebration! Ireland or Iceland... both sound divine!

    But sorry about the eyes. As one who also hopes for Lasik surgery but cannot do so for many more years (bittersweet - hoping to have more kids), I feel for ya.

    Madeleine went to nursery instead of Sunbeams... being a visitor in my parent's ward and all...oh, and being sick... as she came home from church and nary 30 minutes later puked. And continued to do so all night. I'm glad I didn't make her go to Sunbeams while feeling down. But feel a little guilty that I sent her {unknowingly!!!} as a sick vector into toddlerdom.

    I forgot about the new boss. Good luck!!!!

    I say 0 for 0 on weight gain/loss is a pretty good achievement for the holidays. Way to go!

  3. p.s. crazy that i'm going to add your parent's blog to my reader? so doing it! i love missions, being abroad, and living vicariously!