Friday, January 27, 2012

A Dinner Table Squabble

Let's say you're the one in charge of putting meals on your dinner table (and all other meals, for that matter). If there's something you like to eat but you know no one else likes, do you (1) never cook it, (2) cook it only rarely and eat it all yourself, (3) cook it only rarely since you like it and you're the one cooking and shopping and slaving over the meals and force everyone else to choke it down?

An "opportunity for growth" arose this week when I made a meal that I know the males (Bruno excluded) don't like. Before you throw tomatoes at me, I also know the meal can be stomached by said males, which is why I make it at most twice a year. (What is the mystery meal? Chicken salad sandwiches in a pita. Totally innocuous, right? Wrong.)

Anyway, at then end of the hour-long dinner (hour-long because choking it down takes a long time), I was fed up. But, of course, so were my menfolk. My defense: C'mon. This is only a couple of times a year. It's not that bad. The males' defense: C'mon. It is that bad. We eat it, but why should we have to?

Why do I make it? Because I really like it! I'd make it just for me, but scaling back the recipe anymore (I already halve it) would be difficult and time-consuming for something just for me. So I halve it and ask that they eat one dinner's worth and I'll eat the leftovers. Buuuuut...I know they dislike it. I do feel the tiniest bit guilty while making it, knowing it's not a favorite. Buuuuut...I'm the one doing all the work! All the planing, all the shopping, most of the making; don't I get to be menu tsar? Buuuuut...there are lots of things they do like to eat; why can't I make one of them?

You can see why I'm conflicted. Tomorrow night's dinner? Runts, Hot Tamales, and homemade wheat bread. Something everyone can agree on.


  1. oh man, i don't know what to tell you. i make a lot of stuff that aren't the kids' favorite, but usually they eat most stuff. ben eats all and everything and so i am lucky there. i can't believe they won't eat chicken salad in pitas. i sometimes make stuff that only i (and ben, cuz he likes whatever) like and if the kids don't like it, well too bad.

    your boys are so silly! and i think it's totally fine for you to make a meal that you want. the boys will survive - even if they don't eat dinner that nite. :)

  2. i think you know my opinion on the matter. I guess it's easy for me to say, because jason eats whatever i make as long as it does't have cilantro in it. I do feel guilty when i put bell peppers in dishes. I know that he HATES bell peppers, and I put them in a lot of dinners. He usually picks them out. Hey, at least I cut them in big chunks, so it's easier to pick out.

  3. I am lucky because Chase eats everything without complaint besides anything with peanut butter. But I LOVE chicken salad with grapes in it and now I want to eat it.

    Anyways, if Traci doesn't like my food I make her eat it and if she still doesn't, I throw it in the trash and send her to bed. Maybe try it with Chuck.

    hmm.. After thinking about it though, I probably wouldn't send Chase to bed. I'd probably say, "I know this isn't your fav so tell me something you want me to make that you like that we don't have often and I'll give it a shot."

    But yeah, I make Chase eat chicken salad sometimes because it is awesome. and I might as well just write a paper about this blog post because thats where I'm headed. =P

  4. Chuck can come to our house on chicken salad pita night. We'll feed him steak. :) Or another variant of salad sans mayonnaise.

    Or ask him to make dessert that night. Then if he's hungry after picking at or eating little of your dinner, he can suck up some calories with his own dessert.