Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh What Do You Do in the Wintertime?

I will admit that our winter has been pretty spectacular so far. Only a couple of days have really necessitated the down jacket, and we've even had a handful of days in the 60s. SIXTIES! I'm not lying people. It's been pretty great. But because I have nothing else fun to share on the topic you get the following three pictures.

What we have here was taken on a recent cold morning when going out wasn't really a good idea. I came up with a great idea of playing "Pin the Tail on Something" which ended up being, "Mom, cut out more things!" He pretty much loved it. And you can love that I didn't take a picture of the paper Rhett the day after we created it...when a penis was added. I made Chuck do that one. Oh my anatomically-correct son. (And in case you can't tell, those are ears above the eyes and a pocket on the ribs. The later-added belly button is at armpit level.)

The other day after Rhett's nap, I went to get him and he asked if I knew what he was sleeping in. I replied, "No." He told me it was an iceberg. My first thought was, "Oh c'mon. Our house isn't that cold." But then he showed me this, and I got it. You know, it's a bed an iceberg that broke off from the wall glacier and is now floating on the floor in the ocean.

And this one. Just out for a walk with the dog, but I had to document Ollie's reindeer outfit. So stinkin' cute.


  1. indeed, it's totally an iceberg. :)

    pin the tail looks pretty awesome!

    and the reindeer outfit AND the binoculars are wonderfully delightful.

    love it all.

  2. Very creative! You and Rhett :) So fun. And btw I loved the scrabble wall! Turned out so so cute.