Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Five Months

Of course I love this baby. Look at him. Such a happy little boy, unless he's not. Thankfully, he's mostly happy. We all love him and only rarely does the older brother treat him unkindly. So far, so good!

I'm pretty sure if I said that babies are hard for me, you'd all stop reading because I say it only about, oh, 50 times a week. But don't go! This is new! Of course, the night wake-ups are hard. Of course the spit up on every single outfit is hard. Of course the thrice-daily naps are hard, only because they limit our outings. But now I have a new complaint: I'm scared to death of babies.

I worry about everything when it comes to my little guys. At least with Rhett I get some feedback. He can tell me when he's sick or tired...or just sick and tired. But with Ollie? Who knows?! Is he just tugging on his ear because he can or because he has a raging ear infection? I don't know!

Also, with Rhett, it's pretty obvious that he's meeting all his "standards." Sure he has speech issues, but we're working through those. But on everything else, he's doing fine. I can't say this for Ollie. I mean, sure he grabs my hair when it's right in his hand, but does he grab other things like he should? I don't know! Does he include the appropriate consonants in his babble? I don't know! It's just so hard to know if he's okay. And I'm constantly worried that he's not.

Just grow up already! Love, mom.

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  1. of course he's fine! look how happy he is and how big he's getting - excellent signs of a healthy baby. :) (oh and how completely handsome he is!!!)

    but i know exactly how you feels. sigh.