Monday, January 9, 2012

My Hair

Oh dear. The post-baby hair loss has begun. Why it took five months to start is an enigma to me, but whatev. I'm trying to brush my hair more often, but it's still coming out in clumps. Maybe I shouldn't complain about Ollie pulling it out because he's only speeding the process.

Also, let's be honest, shall we? It's not the biggest tragedy that my hair is falling out because it's pretty hideous. For some reason, I just let it go during pregnancy and the ensuing months, and then I come out with the same results: complete blah-i-tude. I present the evidence:

(Do you love how I cropped out my muffin top? I'm working on it, remember?)

It seems like last time I "woe-is-my-hair"-ed, people suggested a blunt cut at the shoulders. Does everyone still agree that this is the best course of action? What about this hair from a recent "What Not to Wear" (see video below).  If I did this, how soon before I tire of bangs? (Skip to about 2:00 to miss the bra fitting and just see the final reveal. Although, the bra fitting is pretty spectacular and should be watched if you have time. I can not wait to get a proper fitting.) Anyway, if you have any constructive criticism, please share! If you have any plain ol' criticism, keep that behind my muffin-topped back, please.


  1. i think a cut would be the best plan. i always let my hair go and then finally cut it - and i'm always like, "why didn't i do it sooner?"

    since i'm pretty boring with hair, i have no other suggestions. and my hands are still cold from my run that it is truly hard to type. so bye.

  2. i kind of like it long. Maybe some layers. I think you look great as always!

  3. My GOSH I love that show. Now I want to cut my hair like that. Go for it.

  4. My hair started coming out about a month ago so I went and had mine cut on Saturday. It is still falling out but at least it feels like not as much probably because it is shorter. I really do like the cut on the video it would look great on you! Hilarious video! I will have to watch more. Best of luck to you!

  5. I need to start watching What Not to Wear. I'm sure I have some serious issues.

    Now, back to you. Actually... I have no advice. You know that. My hair? Longish, cut, longish, cut. Repeat. So, my advice falls in the cut category. Bangs? I don't know! I think you could pull them off. And if you get tired of them, they grow out, right? I say try it! Can't wait to see a new do! You'll look great no matter what, I'm sure.

  6. I think you should definitely go for the short hair. I've done it and loved it. It's a great boost to do something drastic and it's just hair, so it will always grow back. If you can, see if you can cut off at least 10 inches so that you can donate to Locks of Love.