Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh No---It's Finally Here

It's what I've been dreading since Rhett was little: the end of his naps.

The past month or so, Rhett's been fighting napping. Not fighting me, but fighting sleep. I'll put him in his room and he'll be just fine. But about 40 minutes into the nap, I'll hear him, "Can I wake up?" Of course he means, "Can I get out of bed? I'm bored." Naturally I say no. But really, on those days when he doesn't nap, he doesn't do too badly. At least, he's just as disobedient and tantrum-prone as on the days he does nap, so the statistician in me says that naps are having no effect on his mood.

On Sundays, we now get home just before 2 p.m.--plenty of time for a short nap. Yesterday we told him he could forgo the nap if he'd sit on the couch and have quiet time until I took him visiting teaching. Since it meant no nap, he was totally for it. He sat on the couch for 45 minutes "reading" his books. All the while Chuck graded papers and I prepped dinner and read the newspaper. It was lovely; why can't parenting be like this all the time?

I know most days won't be this easy. I'll need to do more during nap time, like laundry, or say, watch "America's Next Top Model." I can't do that with Rhett just hanging out. So what am I going to do?

I know some of you have instituted quiet times. For how long are your kids in there? Do you just give them books and maybe coloring stuff? Anything other ideas? (I can't/won't resort to TV, but not because of Rhett, because of me. I have the issues, not him.) I'm just kind-of freaking out over here, if you can't tell.

Sunday's Quiet Time--He's just so darned cute.


  1. That is a sad, sad, day. Be glad he lasted so long. Afton stopped the minute Clara was born- which was a month shy of her 3rd birthday. That is 12 straight hours of Afton my friend- which is a little too much to handle. Quite time has never really worked for us. The good thing is that my kids typically play by themselves, so I do get peace and quite- even if only for little pieces at a time. I also like that I can go places and not have to worry about being home for naps.
    As for the dinners- I say don't give up and keep cooking things you like. Andrew use to despise cheese and sour cream, but honestly, how can you cook without it? So I kept using it and now one of his favorite meals is enchiladas (cooked with sour cream!). That is progress!

  2. I have no advice. I'm only here to offer my condolences. I hope everyday goes like Sunday :) Good luck!

  3. oh definitely do quiet time for a while - until maybe he plays independently really well and you can do stuff - your stuff - while he's out and about the house.

    i do quiet time for as long as it lasts - sometimes emmy could play in her room for 2 hours! just playing with her dolls, looking at her books, etc. i never gave her anything extra, but her room does have a few toys in it. somedays, after 45 minutes, emmy would ask if she could come down. and i'd let her.

    but i'd definitely try the quiet time. we did naps, then quiet time, then they just stay around ya all day! but it's not so bad b/c as they get older they can play well by themselves, or you can play fun games with them during this time as well.

    you know how much i love nap-time too so you can trust me on this one: it's not so bad when they stop napping. :) good luck.

  4. Our daughter gave up napping before she was 2. So be thankful he made it this long! A lot of days I just put her in her room and she plays with all of her toys and books pretty well. She doesn't stay in there during the entire duration of her brother's nap (I wish!) but she does pretty well. 45 minutes or so.

  5. I won't lie, that is truly a sad day! So sorry!! I hear of kids who do quiet time a lot too. Unfortunately I never had a room for both girls and/or a room with a door that shuts!! So that never really worked for me. Molly has been in preschool this year, so she has been gone during what would have been "nap time". But on Fridays, who knows what she does! I think she just plays by herself and enjoys not being interrupted by a little sister! I'm not particular about what she does or does not do, but I think the idea of reading books or coloring are great ideas.

  6. Traci has also been resisting naptime. Today was a no-nap day for us too. I had her play in her room til she tired of it, then I told her to sit on the couch and read or she would have to go back to her room. Having two parts to quiet time in two different places has helped it last longer for my sanity.

    So glad you came to zumba last night!! =)

  7. My oldest gave up naps at 26 months. It was hard for me because I too had another young (2 month old) baby. I decided I needed time to regroup for at least one hour a day. I try and mix it up every day so that it is fun and sometimes I even get more than and hour (if the other two take a longer afternoon nap and he states busy).

    Once a week I let him have "computer time", he LOVES his webkinzJr., those things are fun and in my opinion fun and educational.

    It is amazing how much time stickers, glue,tape, crayons, markers and paper can get you ;).

    And of course busy bags...Thanks for the awesome idea!

    BOOKS! New library books are AWESOME!

    Those are a few of my idea. By the way I love reading your blog.

  8. I also offer condolences and hopes (pretty high probability, I think) that Rhett will do well with quiet time by himself with books or a new puzzle or something. Madeleine just reads or plays imagination games or plays with her dolls while I nap with Sophie in the afternoons. If I am not napping but trying to get MY stuff done, then she is a little more interruptive (word?), but if I go into my dark room and pull the covers over me, she leaves me alone. Next time I'll sneak in a laptop and get some work done. That's an idea.

    Good luck! I'm sure Rhett will transition well to quiet time!