Monday, January 16, 2012

New Front Door

Our door has gone through a couple of transitions. This is how it looked when we bought the house. White (and notice the white shutters).

Then we decided we wanted a black door, so we painted it. But because our door faces west, the paint bubbled in the afternoon sun, and then the bubbles hardened, and then I accidentally popped them and the door looked pretty rough.

So finally we got the new door and the new shutters. I'm pretty happy.


  1. looks nice! i totally want a new front door. where did you get yours?

  2. LOVE what you did! I need to figure out what to paint our door and shutters when we get home. You'll have to come help!

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  4. It was a good idea to paint your front door with black. It made your door noticeable and a standout exterior feature. And about the bubbles that hardened on your door, you can just think that it’s a part of the design; texture creates additional appeal, right? Anyway, I hope your roof is still in condition.

    -Georgine Stern

  5. Nice color! Do you have any plan on changing your front door color this year? What color do you have in mind? If you want something new and unique, I suggest you go for lighter colors like turquoise, mint green, purple or anything that suits your style. Those colors would match with the other colors of your home exterior; I am certain with that. Danielle Bailey @ Vinylume Home Improvement

  6. Painting jobs never fail to impress me when it comes to renovations! Your front door looked so nice after the repaint. It's been a year now, Erinmalia. I guess it's time for you to change the window colors too! :)

    Beach Windows and Siding