Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

Is this outfit meant to be pajamas or no?

If you make a hard-boiled egg, do you need to wash the pan in which it boiled?

Recently, a friend was aghast that I haven't ever eaten Spam. I was aghast that she was aghast. What about you: have you ever eaten it? And if yes, please be honest about how it tasted.

I was finally convinced to remove my maps and put up the Christmas cards. We got exactly enough cards this year to fill the chandelier and I love it! But (1) for how long can I keep Christmas cards up there and (2) with what do I replace July...when I finally get around to taking them down?

Do any of you read Dooce? I wish I was lying when I say that this post made me tear up when I read it. Do you think it's weird I got that emotional over someone's separation/divorce when I don't know her? In fact, never even met her?

Do you think you could live here and deal with this much snow? My brother is insane (in a good way).

One last thought: When I went to register my new serger, I was asked the date of purchase. Guess how far back their drop-down menu thinks I could have bought the machine. 1851. They seem to think that people who bought sewing machines in 1851 (1) are just now getting around to registering them and that (2) people at least 161 years old know how to use the internet. I don't think so! My parents aren't half that old and they struggle internetting. (Kidding Elder and Sister Dad and Mom! I'm only making fun because you're just so gosh darn far away.)

P.S. Excuse the non-Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting this week, but hey. It's my blog. I do what I want.


  1. Spam is sick. Period.

    I totally was shocked about Dooce too.

  2. So.. I left our Christmas cards up until the new ones came. Lame, perhaps? BUt when people came over in like November, they were all like, "Wow! You've gotten that many cards already?!" and then I felt awesome. The end.

  3. I still have 2010 cards in a basket on my computer desk. I cannot bear to throw 'people I love' away. Now that 2011 is over and the cards are hung on my front door, I, too, am debating what to do... what to do?

    Wait for our mid-February card to arrive before you take down the cards from the chandelier.

    Dubious on the onesie. I think I may have dressed my girls in PJs mistakenly (masquerading as 'real' clothes) all the time.

    As the voice of opposition, spam is actually tastey. It may be sick, but the TASTE, when cooked, is salty goodness. What kind of dare do you need for me to get you to eat a bite??

    Not weird about emotional reaction to strangers' lives and stories. Haven't read her though.

    So I'm slow... didn't even realize you do MWF posts. I'm just always hitting refresh each morning hoping you've got something for me!

    And I about fell off my chair with laughter at the serger registration! Best story of 2012 so far! I'm STILL chuckling!!!! Please retell this story to me every time you see me looking down.

  4. Pj/clothes - doesn't really matter when you're under 1. i can't really tell anyways.

    probably not, but i always wash!

    never eaten spam.

    make "crayon hearts" via martha stewart or nienie and hang them up - they'd look awesome! i do like the christmas cards, though.

    teared up myself about dooce.

    i think there is a thing as too much snow!

    totally funny and weird about the serger!

  5. Pj/outfit- I'm not sure! I go through this debate daily! Clara usually ends up wearing the same sleeper for a day and a half.

    Never had spam- the thought of it makes my stomach churn.

    I hate when I get emotional over people's blogs who I haven't met. One time I think I spent 2 hours reading a blog and sobbing over the loss of their daughter. Sad, but I never knew them!