Monday, February 27, 2012

Dinner's on Pinterest

Let's talk about Pinterest for a minute, shall we? I am a big fan of the site and often find great ideas for crafting, decorating, organizing, and eating. I see all these yummy-looking dishes, but I don't know if they're yummy tasting. I'll tell you what we've tried from my Pinterest food board and then you can tell me what you've done that's good. Is it a deal? Good.

Strawberry bruscetta: Totally good. I think I ate 2/3 of what I made. Try it.

Chicken gyro: Good. Flavor wasn't too strong (maybe not strong enough?), but it was an easy tzatziki sauce and yummy chicken. I should have remembered the feta that was in my fridge, because it would have been that much better.

Quinoa Fruit Salad: So good. If you have leftover quinoa in the fridge and berries are on sale, do it.

Saucy Asian Meatballs: Good. An alternative to our regular meatballs that we add to spaghetti.

Fruit and Yogurt Burrito: I had super high hopes, but mine just didn't look that full. But still pretty good.

Cauliflower Poppers: Just what we need...a totally successful vegetable side (no sarcasm). Nothing other than spices were added, so that's great. Will definitely do again.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza: This has become a staple in our house (the night after we have alfredo pasta). We make the full sauce recipe, reserving 3/4 cup for the next night's pizza sauce.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites: Awesome, of course. Mine didn't look nearly as pretty, but does it matter?

Zucchini Boats: Also a really good vegetable dish. Just don't try to finish the broiling at your mother-in-law's house where her broiler is much stronger than yours and you nearly burn it. But if you do, try to save it just in time so it's not a total loss.

Lime and Coconut Chicken: Can't say yet as this is tonight's dinner!

And if it seems like I'm overly generous with my "yums," well I am. But of course I only pin things I think I'll like. Turns out I'm pretty easy.


  1. I need to try some of these. My pintereat meals have been very hit or miss.

  2. great stuff - i'll have to give a bunch of your stuff a try. here's some i like:
    (a good pizza, different from the norm)
    (don't know who loved them more - ben or my kids; i just used a blender since i don't have a processor)
    (duh, how could these not be good?)
    (soooooo good - made this twice today b/c my poor jonas has a horrible canker that makes chewing foods painful. we did add about 1 T. sugar. i love it, though.)

  3. Thanks for the great recipes. I'm going to have to try some. I have currently banned myself from Pinterest because it is too tempting to do that rather than study. :-)

  4. Good reviews! I'll have to try some of those. I have the zucchini boats pinned.

    I made the lemon-Italian shrimp (no URL for it), and that turned out OK. It was too lemony for my taste, but I suppose if I had used more shrimp, maybe it would've evened out? It called for a stick of butter, but I used half a stick and it was fine. It was great over brown rice.

  5. Any feedback yet on the lime and coconut chicken?

    And I'm always needing ideas... can't wait to try the quinoa, zucchini, cauliflower, and meatballs!

    As for my Pinterest meals/snacks? My favorites are the kale, buffalo chicken salad grilled cheese, some coconut chicken thing...and... well, i can't remember and i'm at the library with no chance to look at pinterest. but i think i marked the ones i loved. try them!