Monday, February 20, 2012

Recent Date Nights

Our babysitters club is still going strong. Even Ollie is doing awesome, feeding himself his bottle at the last one. Our original five families will soon be at nine kids and then a tenth in July. It's so fun to watch these kids grow and play!

Chuck and I babysat the first two of the current "semester" and had the last two as dates. The first date of the year was pretty pathetic. We had a Groupon for dinner, which was fine, but then we ended up walking the mall. Ugh. It ended on a good note with pedicures, but still. The mall? When you're in your 30s and it's a Saturday night? Double ugh.

Last Saturday, however, was great. We started with dinner at McDonald's (I know, I know, but I really wanted a darn ice cream cone). We then went to Best Buy wherein I totally impulse bought a new iPod nano just so I could use this super cool new slap bracelet while running. I mean, c'mon, can you blame me? So cool. Now with my Garmin watch on one hand and this on the other, I'll feel a bit more balanced.

Then we went to the thrift store and spent a good amount of time just browsing the store...without kids. We ended up walking out of there with too many kids' books (of course), a new metal container for Bruno's treats, some "rollerblades" for Rhett, a Scrabble game (with all 100 wooden tiles for only $2!), and these awesome Steve Madden shoes...that actually fit me! (Mine are brown, however.)

As much as I love these nights, which is a lot, we sometimes struggle to find things to do. This is especially harder in the winter when being outside is hard. We'd love to play tennis together, but indoor tennis is expensive. We thought about seeing a movie, but not one appealed to us. A lot of plays and other shows start later than we can any suggestions for out next night out? We can't take any more shopping.

P.S. I Skyped with my sister and her littles last night. One of the kids waved the Book of Mormon in front of the webcam so I mentioned that Rhett loves reading the Book of Mormon, especially the parts with bad guys. My sister's oldest son (who turns eight next month), then asked, "Does he like Hitler?" Uh, sorry Miles, but we haven't quite gotten there yet. Isn't that just great?! (Please know I'm not saying Hitler is great.) Kids.


  1. sorry, i don't have many ideas for you. in fact, i don't have any. perhaps this is why ben and i go out once a year. . . if we're lucky. but, then again, where you are offers tons more stuff than where we are! there's my excuse.

    oh i loved the hitler comment. so great!

  2. Hike the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac river! Or go to the rock climbing gym on rockville pike! Its expensive, but considering you're not paying for a sitter, very doable, especially if you can borrow a harness and shoes from someone. And its interactive, a good workout, and just fun! We loved it and thought it was worth the money.

  3. Kids are hilarious. The Hitler part made me laugh out loud.

    For date ideas, how about bowling? Aquariums are cool, if they have those in your neck of the woods. Dancing at a country restaurant/ bar? Dave & Busters (which is like Chuck E. Cheese for adults)?