Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Big Month for a Little Baby

February was a big month for our little Ollie. (Maybe I shouldn't call him little because he was in the 68th percentile for height. Rhett's little brother might turn out to be his big brother when these two are done growing.) Not only did Ollie turn six months old, but he got his first two teeth, crawled, sat up, started eating real food, moved into his brother's room, and got his first ear infection. Fun times! His crawling started out looking more like "the worm" dance move, but it quickly progressed to a regular crawl.

Not sure what those balls are supposed to be, but does it matter? Super cute whatever they are.

What you miss in this picture is how Ollie was devouring that sock just seconds before the picture was taken. And before that, he was eating the edge of the table.

Proving how different he is from his brother by actually enjoying the swings, all while channeling his inner-Bruno...

Happy Leap Day! Did you see last week's "30 Rock?" Awesome.


  1. Such a cutie! I love watching him grow- it is fun knowing that Clara will be at that stage soon!
    Thanks for the reviews of the pinterst recipes! I was wondering about them too. Now I'll have to try some!

  2. he's totally adorable! and so not looking like a baby anymore - seriously! but don't worry, lucy's going crazy over her saying, "Baby! Baby!" (but she also calls 3 year-olds baby, too. . .)

    he fantasticly cute.

  3. heheheeh! cutes! and you are soooo pretty.