Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poll: Grocery Prices

While talking to my sister the other day, we briefly discussed our grocery items' prices, but I want to explore this further. I certainly expect us to have different experiences grocery shopping because I live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. while she is in small-town Colorado (but big enough for a Target and Walmart). Below you'll find a list of some of our staples. If you don't mind (and if you know), please share the regular prices and/or sale prices of these items:

Gallon of milk
Pound of chicken breast
8 oz block of cheddar
Loaf of whole wheat bread
Goldfish crackers
Yoplait 6 oz. yogurt
Pound of bananas

Feel free to tell me the prices of other things; I just might not know our D.C. prices.


  1. Gallon of milk - $2.99
    Pound of chicken breast - usually around $2.5o/lb
    Cheerios - $3.68 for their biggest box
    8 oz block of cheddar - i can't remember
    Loaf of whole wheat bread - we don't buy
    Goldfish crackers - don't really buy much; but maybe somewhere in the $2 for a small thing?
    Yoplait 6 oz. yogurt - around $.70
    Tortillas - $2.80 for a pack of "fajita" size, count 20
    Pound of bananas - $.55/lb

  2. ill price these and let you know for central phoenix!

  3. In East Texas at Brookshires and Walmart, we can get an 8 pack of Yolplait 6 oz. yogurt for 3.99 or 4.99 depending on when it's on sale. Typically the singles are 60 to 70 cents apiece.

  4. gal. skim milk - 1.99
    gal. 2% milk - 2.27
    boneless/skinless chicken on sale - 1.69/lb.
    32 oz. (2 lb) mild cheddar - 4.89
    loaf of whole wheat - 2.19
    goldfish 56 oz. aka the mother box - 8.49
    yoplait 6 oz. - .60 (recently raised from .53)
    tortillas 10 pk - .99
    bananas - .52/lb.

    the west is looking more appealing eh?

  5. ps. what's this two word verification silliness? i can't hardly read it, perhaps i AM a robot

  6. and i even forgot the cherrios - but i think they are comparable to emily's around 3.68 for the largest size.