Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest Projects

Although the serger has made it from the box to the table, I've yet to use it. I'm just scared. But I'll get there. I have a lifetime, right? Anyway, three friends are having babies within four weeks of each other. This meant three baby showers within three weeks. Which meant three gifts. Which meant assembly-line style projects that, unfortunately, were not special and unique. I feel bad, but not bad enough to plan three different gifts for them. Only one baby was a girl, so she got this little bonnet. (Excuse the weird picture of Ollie.) Adapted from this tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew.

Everyone got one of these. Little Ollie has been eating up his, so hopefully the new babies will too. Has anyone out there sewn minky before? Ugh! I will never do that again.

I was commissioned to make a French-themed baby banner f
or one of the showers . I was given an idea and told to run with it. This is what I came up with. Fun, right? I'm still kicking myself for not spelling it in French, however.

And finally, Rhett's "real" quilt. I made this rag quilt for him before he was born, but once Ollie got a "real" quilted quilt, I felt Rhett needed one. And it's been fun because he's been so excited to use it. I love the deep colors and the fun robots. Perfect for my little buddy.


  1. so adorable!!! that owl is so cute. i'm sure the other babies will love it. the bonnet is super cute, too. and that banner is amazing. rhett better love his quilt b/c it is awesome. :)

  2. So cute Erin!! Everything turned out beautiful, just like I'd expect coming from you! Yes, the owl taggie is totally adorable! You can make me a boy one :) ha!!

    I did just buy some boy flannel from JoAnn's today. Man, the selection for boys was pretty lame. But hey, at 50% off, it was a good deal!

  3. Rhett's quilt is awesome. And the bonnet on Ollie? He's a doll! Again, so amazed and jealous of your craftiness. And I mean that in the "you're so sly and smart" way. ;)