Friday, February 3, 2012

Ollie's Six Month Report

Little Ollie is six months old. In my head I'm still counting down the months until he's big enough for other things, but I'll spare you. Of course we love this little guy no matter his age. (Checkup isn't until next week so I can't report stats).

We started giving him solid foods and he seems to enjoy it. I think he'd rather jump right in to pb&j, but we'll wait on that. Right now he likes applesauce, bananas, and sweet potatoes. He does not like avocado. Sigh. Am I destined to remain the only person in my family who likes this fruit?

We had a false alarm on his crawling last week. The babysitter called me at work to tell me he crawled, but after a week of not seeing it repeated, I'm doubtful. He does try, however. He gets up on all fours (sometimes knees, sometimes feet) but then doesn't know to move his arms. Usually he just takes a big push from his feet and face plants onto the ground. It's pretty fun to watch. If he doesn't face plant, then he sits down on his side (see Exhibit 3 below). I call it his "sitting on top of a car trying to sell it" pose. I love it.

He LOVES Bruno. I mean, LOVES. I think he is happier upon sight of Bruno than he is when he sees me, Chuck, and Rhett. I'm okay with this.

Because of our warm weather (70 on Wednesday), we've been able to be outside a lot. I think he likes that. I hope he likes that.

He's still doing a two-nap-a-day schedule and is pretty good at them. He goes to bed at 7 and then wakes sometime around 1 or 2 a.m. for a feeding. Then he'll sleep until the house gets up (or, if he wakes around 5:30, we let him sit there until it's time for the house to get up).  It's okay. Not great, but certainly not horrible.

We love this boy!


  1. I can't believe that Clara will be at that stage in 3 months. It is amazing how much they develop during that time! Ollie is darling!

  2. I'd buy a car from that cute guy!!! Pose him on some peanut butter display, a kitchen aid, or a piano... I'd buy those too!