Friday, February 10, 2012

Do You Do What They Tell You?

You know how they are always telling us things to do, like things that will save us money or keep us alive longer? Some friends and I were recently discussing whether or not we do them.

Things like buy organic, free-range, or local foods. Do you do this? We don't. Sure we could afford it, but then the boys wouldn't be able to go to college. (We joked that they'll never get to college: either our cheap chicken will get to them first, or our organic chicken would eat their college savings. Sorry boys!) In all seriousness, it would take a tweaking of the budget and moving money from another purse to the grocery one. It's just not a change we're willing to make in the name of food that may or may not be healthier for us.

Also, do you unplug your appliances when not in use? Like the computer or TV? No way do we do this either. Do I get points for unplugging the toaster though? But let's be honest: the computer is on all day (even though a lot of the time it's in "sleep" mode). But it's certainly never unplugged. Nor the TV. You?

And how about those passwords? Do you make them all different? Do you change them all the time? Do you always include at least one capital letter, one lowercase, one number, and one special character, and a Norwegian rune? And do you have the same password for every site, or different?


  1. No, I do NOT do what "they" tell me to do. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one.

    On of my favorite movies, Baby Mama, has a great quote about organic food: "That crap is for rich people who hate themselves." So funny. It costs a lot more and I feel find about the food I make.

    I have NEVER even heard of anyone unplugging their tv. That is just crazy to me. The only one I do sometimes is the toaster- just like you!

    I generally have all the same passwords and I think that is normal. There are too many websites and places with a log in that you'd never remember! A few of mine have a different number than my "usual" and there are about two that are completely different but most of mine are all the same!

    This was a fun post :) I liked reading it!

  2. right, i just can't totally justify organic prices. yes, the idea of organic is great. but, really, organic farmers can be pretty sleazy and sneaky with their products.

    we turn off our computer at night. that's pretty much it.

    my passwords are all close variations of one another. brilliant, eh? since you know some of mine, you probably could figure them all out.

  3. My passwords are (WERE) all the same until yesterday when someone hacked into my email account!
    The whole organic/heath food obsession drives me nuts! I hate how much more expensive it is to buy healthy food, and the mentality that if you don't buy it, you are a bad mom. I didn't eat like that growing up, and my siblings and I are all very healthy. I think that if you use common sense, eat in moderation, and maintain an active lifestyle, then you don't have to spend your life counting calories, cutting out sugar (and now salt!)and buying organic food. And that is how Jessica "C"s it.

  4. I really love your joke about not getting to college! Spot on!

    As for unplugging... Marc does about once a week for our computer (we turn it off every night). But anything else? I can barely manage to turn the lights off.

    As for passwords... I used to only have 1, but now I have what seem like hundreds. But about a year ago I came up with a 'method' that I really like and feel it's something I can remember and yet difficult enough that I won't get too easily hacked. But I usually don't care about my password on a lot of sites. LinkedIn? Who cares? I haven't put anything up there that's incredibly important yet. Or signing into or LivingSocial deals... I don't try too hard, I'll just say.