Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Spy, Chuck Doesn't: 3.0

Ever since I began posting this hugely popular "I Spy, Chuck Doesn't" series, Chuck and I have become very wary of admitting we can't find something. He doesn't want to because he knows it'll end up here (shhh...don't tell him) and I don't want to because, well, I think that's pretty obvious.

So when he added "soy sauce" to the grocery list, I was pretty excited. Can you find it? If it helps you, it's La Choy brand soy sauce: the only brand allowed in the house (his rules, not hers).

To save us time, I'm going to have the conversation Chuck and I would have had once he got home from work, had I not gone through it now:

Chuck: I didn't know I could look for it. Had I known there was another in there, I would have looked. And I would have found it.
Erin: Well, you're supposed to take into account that I'm such a great housekeeper that I anticipate things running out therefore I buy them before they're totally gone.
Erin: And what's with you putting a totally empty bottle back into the fridge, HUH?
Erin: That's right.


  1. Ahahahahaha! great conversation.

  2. Red lid. Easy one as all soy sauce bottles look alike right? This is hilarious--I could probably do a weekly post like this also.