Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers' Day Weekend

We had a great Mothers' Day weekend. Saturday morning (after a very nice and early long run for me), we all went to watch Rhett run his very first race. Of course, when you have a bunch of three- and four-year-old kids waiting for a race, you shouldn't be surprised that there is a false start, or a false finish. And then you shouldn't be surprised that your four-year old chooses to go to the playground instead of doing it again. The runner in me was disappointed, but the mom in me said, "Good job runner!"

Then I wanted to take the little big man on a date, since, you know, he is the one who made me a mother. He chose to go to the gardens and look at the butterflies...

...ride the train (and the carousel, but no pictures of that)...

...and play at another playground. It was a good, but exhausting (for me) day. And no, Ollie and I didn't go out because, well, he's just a baby. Sorry little dude.

Sunday morning was great. We made some cookies for my mother-in-law (and I ate more than my share) and I got some lovely presents. Rhett drew me a lovely card with real letters. He's getting so awesome at it and I LOVE to see him write. He also gave me some Skinny Cows (how did he know?!) and a lovely potted flower. Of course Hot Tamales were also included. I gave a present to myself: matching ties and vests for the boys (how did I know?!). Oh I love these boys. (And I admit it: I love dressing them alike. There. I said it. As if it needed being said.)

Of course, since this is me I'm writing about, by afternoon I was ready for a break. Chuck was kind enough to take the boys to his parents' house to get dinner ready, while I got an hour to myself. Oh how I love spending time in my house all alone. I had forgotten about last year's brainstorm. So while I loved spending the one-on-one time with Rhett on Saturday, I think next year the weekend will go like this: Friday afternoon will be my date with Ollie, Saturday morning will be mine alone, Saturday afternoon will be my date with Rhett, and Sunday will be a regular Sunday. Perfect, no?

P.S. Our dinner was this very good bacon chicken. So good.


  1. Very good recap! Love the shoes! And that pic with your boys. They both look so happy - as do you!

    I totally forgot about the race. Man... this month of May is not the dreamy month we had envisioned. Next year, I hope! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. oh it does sound like a good weekend! i wish i could have seen the kiddie race. the boys looked awesome in their vests and bow-ties. and your hair looks really pretty - do you like it?