Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I've Made

Remember when I made the bow ties that velcroed to a onesie? I thought (and still do) that the idea was great. Unfortunately, reality was that it just didn't work. And then remember how I gave it to a friend for her baby shower gift before I knew how crappy it was? I had to redeem myself so I made this duo of ties. Sometimes, and this is one of those times, I really love boy fabric.

Another friend is having a baby girl this summer. I saw this cute little pinafore on Pinterest. It was super easy and I really like how it turned out. Of course I had to add one of Dana's diaper covers. You know I tried these on Ollie, right?

Because I liked how Rhett's birthday pants turned out and because I had this brown corduroy and because I had the cute animal print, I decided to make him another pair of pants. You know, just in time for a hot, humid Maryland summer. Good thing this kid doesn't grow much.

For Mothers' Day, my present to me (from me) was a pair of matching vests for the boys. I bought this pattern and some XXL men's shirts from the thrift store and went to town. Of course I finished weeks before Mothers' Day and couldn't wait to put them on the boys. The vests are reversible, so maybe they'll wear the other side next Sunday.

And with the extra fabric from the large shirts, I made some ties. And yes, clearly Rhett got a much-needed haircut between vest-wearing day and tie-wearing day.

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  1. oh me oh my. cutest boys ever and cutest stuff. love it all! the fabric is some of the cutest i've seen - even the thrift store shirt fabric. can't wait to hang out with those cute boys!