Friday, May 18, 2012

Things Rhett Says

Chuck has a Caps towel on his head with his Caps hat on top of it (first day of second round playoffs).
Rhett: Dad, you look like a guy from the Book of Mormon.
I later found out he meant Laban.

During the prayer over dinner.
Rhett: And bless me that I'll like tonight's dinner.

Rhett: I'm all buckled in for the sleep ride!

That day when I took the boys to Great Falls, Rhett really needed to go to the bathroom when we were at the falls. If you know the park, you know there aren't that many public restrooms when you're at the falls viewpoint. We were alone so I let him go in the woods. I've never ever done that before (rite of passage for a mom of sons, perhaps?), and it felt weird the whole time. But dang if that son of mine didn't love it and try to get me to let him pee outside again. And again. And again. Even when we got home. Boys. (I assure you, it didn't happen.)

After a shower, after a run.
Rhett: Can I smell your armpits, Mom?

As outgoing as Rhett is when he's with one or two adults, he gets shy in groups. He doesn't like singing or participating in dancing 
at library story times. So when Mothers' Day rolled around with his first Primary song during sacrament meeting, all I asked of Rhett is that he be brave enough to go up there. I wouldn't be disappointed if he didn't sing; I just wanted to see my cute son on the stand. He did not disappoint. He gave us a little wave when he finally found us, and then stood there quietly the rest of the time. But the best part was when he "escorted" his little friend B back to her seat. Oh yes, escorted her with hand holding and everything. As I'm cracking up in my pew, he returned. I asked him what he was doing and his reply was, "Dropping off B." Priceless.


  1. you're making a book of "things rhett says" right?

    and i so wish you could have video'ed mr. rhett at church. sounds so adorable!!