Friday, May 4, 2012

Ollie at Nine Months

I know you shouldn't compare your children, but who can help it? This child is pretty much the exact opposite of Rhett in every single way. For example:

Sleeping. Rhett slept from 7 p.m. until 6:30 a.m. from 10 weeks old until now. Ollie didn't sleep through the night until about six months, and he continues to awake in the 5 o'clock hour. And please don't tell me to put him down earlier; it just doesn't work.

Pooping. For fear of embarrassing my boys, I won't expand. But man, could not be more different.

Getting into everything. Rhett just wasn't that way, and still isn't. Ollie, however, seems to be curious about everything and wants to put it all directly in his food included.

Removing clothing. It took a lot of hard work to get Rhett to learn how to change his clothes (he's just now mastering the socks). But just Monday when I went to get Ollie after a nap, there he was in his crib...pantsless! He's nine months old; how did he maneuver this?! I just want to kiss those little baby thighs.

Size. Rhett's always been a little bit small (25th percentile in height), but Ollie seems to be at least average (50th percentile in height).

Books. Rhett loved (and still loves) books. Ollie? Can't sit still for one of them. Not one. We've finally tricked him into reading as we do it while feeding him a bottle. But man, that kid. I splurged and bought this lovely book just for him. Maybe it'll win him over to reading?

Bruno. Ollie seems to actually like Bruno whereas Rhett was always (and still is) indifferent towards him.

Please don't think that I'm saying Rhett is easy and Ollie is hard, even though I know it sounds like that. To me, different is hard! I was hoping that with a second child, I'd be more confident and know more. Instead it's like he's my first baby. And if you remember, I had a hard time with that first baby!

These differences are interesting because I didn't expect them. I mean, Chuck and I are so similar; how could we produce a child that was any different from Rhett? (Please don't answer that obviously dumb question.) But clearly we have. And now I can't wait to see how these differences will come alive as he gets older!

And lest you wonder where that hair came from, here's an idea.


  1. oh he's sooooooooooooo cute - differences and all! seriously, how could 2 boys from the same family even look so different! they were just destined to be different from the start. ;)

    you'll enjoy their differences more when they are older and you don't have to stress about all the little baby-issues that you have right now. then the differences will be FUN.

    oh, and i love the pants-off picture. you know, he'll probably crawl out of his crib, too. rhett never did right????? just a fair warning sis.

    love the old pictures too! super cute. you know how pleased mom will be with the picture of her. :) what is she like our age in the picture?! ("our" age. i'm awesome.)

  2. oh my gosh, i can't believe he got his pants off! hehehe!!!!! so cute and funny! when I imagine having another kid I get so freaked out because it seems so hard to have to hold one and run after the other...or hold two...or give two attention...but I imagine that other kid..boy or girl...exactly like Freddie. hehe.

  3. ahahahaha! that hair! your hair! i LOVE it. he's such a charmer with that smile. different IS hard. i, too, continue to be baffled that M and S are different. how do genes do that? i mean, marc and i are different in personality, yes, but even in looks we're somewhat similar... how did sophie get so WHITE!? ;)