Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Questions (and Answers)

When using regular carrots (not baby) for anything (baby food, recipes, to eat just plain) do you peel them?

How upset would you be if mail delivery on Saturday was stopped?

Hmm...apparently I have few questions today. But since I didn't follow up from some questions posed a month ago, I will do so now.

1. I bet you thought this was me having to tell Chuck he stinks, but you're wrong! I walked the dog one Sunday afternoon while the boys napped and it was warm and I walked fast, so I might have stank just a little bit. Chuck was not kind about it. But I can't blame him because I'm sure I wouldn't have been had the situation been reversed.

2. I still have yet to replace my shampoo with Pantene. I have also yet to get a good haircut. I need someone who can do it with all of my conditions: I need a haircut that doesn't have to be washed nor get wet every day. I need a haircut that can survive a run in humid conditions and not have to get wet afterwards. (Sorry, but I just can't wet my hair four days a week.  I can't do it.  I hate all the work after it's gotten wet so I just refuse.)  I need a haircut that works with highlighted, thin, and straggly hair. Who is the genius that can give me such a cut?  (If you're a Marylander reading this, note: the preceding question is not rhetorical.  Please answer.)

3. Argh. I went back a couple of times for fixes to my new glasses, but the prescription is still not correct. I don't know what the problem is. Related: Do anyone else's eyes seem to change throughout the day? I feel like sometimes the glasses are okay, but other times, like right now, they're horribly off. Seriously, when I make people, they'll be without eye problems.

4. I definitely LOVE my girls' nights. I love talking with other women. I even enjoyed going out with a recently-returned-from-college Laurel the other night, even if it did make me feel old. But it also made me feel happy that I'm not chasing boys nor struggling with Calculus II. What a pain that was.  But on the flip side, I'm pretty sure she's fine not struggling with a baby who thinks wake up time is 4:55 a.m.

5. Chuck and I would not do any kind of trust fund for our kids. We both think that if they knew they were getting a ton of money at age 20-something, why would they bother with college? Working? Doing anything other than sitting in my basement in their underwear watching TV? We'd invest the money responsibly (and pay for college, of course) and they could have the rest when we die.

6. Ollie. Oh we love you Ollie, but man, you need to sleep longer than 5 a.m. You're killing us.

I won't hold you in suspense about today's questions:
1. Ack! It came out last craft night that a woman in my ward does not peel her carrots! And then a friend told me that she was accused by a missionary companion of being a murderer when the companion found her doing it. I, however, always peel the big ones, as I suspect do most of you.

2. While I love getting mail, mail has gotten so lame in recent years. So I'd miss Saturday delivery, but totally support the USPS ditching it.


  1. I agree with you on both answers! Of course I peel my carrots!! Even if you wash them you still have a little bit of dirt in the crevasses unless you peel them! Ick!

    The only reason I'd be sad about Saturday mail stopping is if I knew I had a package coming that day. Otherwise I'm fine with it. About 8 months ago Zack and I had an argument about if the mail did or didn't come on Saturday anyway... ha ha. Seems as if we don't notice much!

  2. I do peel my carrots,because my mom did...and that is my only reason why! And as for mail, most of it is just junk mail I wouldn't mind another day off from the junk!

  3. Yes- I peel my carrots always
    No- I'd welcome no mail Saturdays, I always forget to get it on the weekend as is.

    Hair question: Look up Salon Prive in Bethesda, talk to the the owner and give her your conditions- she will match you up with the best stylist for you. Not the cheapest place, but if you bypass the highlights (which I can do on a girl's afternoon- I've foiled before) the cut will be more affordable. This is where I found my girl 6 years ago and have been seeing her ever since. BTW- what's this replacing your shampoo with Pantene? We should talk about this. You know I'm the hair girl. Currently I'm in love with the Suave Professionals line.
    My baby is waking me at 4:45am too... but he's younger. I'm using it to my advantage and going to the gym after he eats. If you're up anyways you can join me :)

  4. Yes to the stopping Saturday mail. As for the other, my addition is:

    "Tu assassines les carrotes!!!!"