Friday, May 11, 2012

Organize Me

You know I feel like my life is out of control when I start organizing. And this is definitely one of those out-of-control times. I can't control Rhett, I can't control Chuck, and try as we might, we can't control Ollie's sleep. So what can I control? The dog! Sit, Bruno, sit! Good dog.

Kidding. Instead I've been working like a mad woman on some organizing projects around the home. It all started with a friend who wanted my sons' baby clothes. Of course I said, YES! But it meant that I'd have to go through them to pick out the few I wanted to keep (keepsake quilt one day? hope chest? good joke when my sons find out I kept it all?) and then bag the rest. Since Ollie just starting wearing the nine-month clothes, it was a perfect time. I got to go through them all, get rid of the never-to-be-worn again stuff, and then put out all the new stuff. And while I was at it, sure, let's clean up that attic too! Check.

Project Two: Rhett's arts and craft stuff (which I lovingly refer to as "arts and crap"). We had this great Ikea bin hanging around and I knew it would be perfect. I grabbed all the stuff (which sadly isn't that much) and got it all in one place where he can use it during quiet time. Shhhh...don't tell: him that I threw away all of his creations. Check.

Project Three: the basement freezer. I know most of what's in there when it comes to bread-stuff and meat-stuff. But I do not know when it comes to leftover meals that we've frozen to be eaten for work lunches or in-a-pinch dinners. Busting out the label maker made this job one Rhett could help me with. Not only do I know what's in there now (yippee! leftover thai chicken enchiladas that no one else liked but me!), but I wrote it all down on a paper that's hanging on the freezer door. Now when I tell Chuck to go down to the freezer and get his lunch, it should be a surmountable task. Check. (I should add that now that I know how to use the label maker, I've been going crazy labeling. Even leftovers in the fridge are getting labeled.)

Project Four: the basement cabinets. Oh, these cabinets. We literally (yes, that's literally not figuratively) just throw things in them. I hate it. But now I love it! I had so much fun organizing teh cabinets during my hockey-widow night, that I kept going and straightened the entire laundry room. I got rid of stuff that should be trashed, re-stored things that should be in the attic, and labeled paint cans. It. Was. Awesome. Until the grout sealer fell on me and gave me two huge bumps on my head. I think my favorite part is the shelf with three hand-held vacuums.

Project Five: the playroom. The toys were slowly decreasing our usable footprint in that room and it was driving me crazy. So after a trip to Ikea, we were able to pick up some helpful cubbies. You know I labeled them, right?

I even organized the plastic bags that were driving me crazy. We can't just recycle willy-nilly because my county now charges for them. Yes, my county has turned me into a bag hoarder.

P.S. Wednesday night we had a non-traditional baby shower where we got pedicures and frozen yogurt (my kind of baby shower). But check out the silver that is now on my toes. Best. Colour. Ever. (Yes, I am feeling British; why do you ask?) Seriously, I'm not sure I'll ever pick another colour, that's how much I love it. You might say it's my favourite.  And if you're looking for an effective birth-inducer, try pedicures and yogurt. The baby whom we were celebrating was born 6.5 hours after we all went home!

P.P.S. Tomorrow I get my haircut! Wish me luck!


  1. LOVE, just pure love! This is my kind of post!

  2. I love the color on your toes too! Love! May I copy next time?

    And all this organizing has led me to a new idea: I'll pay for your frozen yogurts if instead of sewing for me, you'll help me organize my new house? That's probably a lot of frozen yogurt, but it looks worth it!

  3. British? I was thinking more north of the boarder, Canadian. So funny about your friend that went into labor. I don't think I'll ever know that life. Ohhhh and I've heard that about label makers, totally addictive. Good luck with the hair, I just chopped 8 inches! I can't wait to see yours.

  4. oh man,you need to come here. if you love organizing, you'd have fun! :) we have those same storage bins in our playroom - but ours is the pine, not white. they are handy for sure. can't wait to see your new do. i want silver toenails. actually, any color on them would be great!

  5. Wow it looks incredible!!! I serious wish I had this type of ambition. My house needs to be organized and put away so badly. Love the toes!

  6. Well in that case, I'm signing up for my pedicure and yogurt! Let's get this baby here!!

    I love all your organized stuff! I have been trying to do just that these days. Looks great and I'm sure it feels great!