Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Apprently There is TONS of New Stuff

I was totally wrong. There's tons of new stuff with my family and me; so what if it happens to be of the same humdrum variety?

Take, for example, our couch. Just think, last week it was slip-covered with a sheet. And then presto! Our very back-ordered slipcover arrived and we have a brand new couch. One that just dares our boys to destroy it. Locals--come over and sit on it! (But you might want to warn me first, so we can get a fire going.)

Speaking of a fire in the basement...I've taken to wearing Chuck's sweatshirts at all times when inside the house. Unless there is a fire, our house is a wee bit chilly. And his sweatshirts are just so much more comfortable than mine. I know that I don't look awesome, and I would only wear them outside to walk the dog, but if I'm hunkering down in the basement trying to avoid frostbite, then those sweatshirts are perfect. Just don't tell Chuck he's not getting them back.

My soda thing was short-lived. When we went to the grocery store on Saturday, I opted to not get it again. It just didn't really do it for me. Now where did I hide those Runts?

We made these yummy pretzel hot dogs Monday night. Everyone in the family loved them. We tried once before to make homemade pretzels and failed miserably. But these, for whatever reason, worked beautifully. And now that we're pros with pretzels, I think I should attempt these.

The boys have finally started "sleeping in" after three or so weeks of the later bedtime. Ninety percent of the time, they are sleeping until 6:15 a.m. or later. Sure, sometimes they fall asleep on Ollie's bunk and we have to separate them. Sure, sometimes they don't even make it to the bunk; they fall asleep in the papasan chair and stay there all night. But for us, this is a major, major success. Until daylight savings. CURSE YOU daylight savings!

Finally, a major storm is headed straight towards us. Pray for us that school isn't cancelled (it will be), that Chuck will be similarly cancelled (he won't be), and that all traces of it will be quickly erased from the face of the earth. I raise my fists in anger at you, Old Man Winter!


  1. I'd trade you - I'll take Old Man Winter and you can take whoever is dishing up this warm stuff over here. :)

    Love that your boys are "sleeping in"! So awesome. What time are you putting them to bed?

    Can't wait to make those pretzel things! Did you do turkey dogs?

    The slip-cover looks great.

    Hmmmm, what else besides soda can you do for your "stiff drink"? Or I guess runts will work - for a "stiff treat"?

  2. the couch looks awesome!!!
    and wow, I can't even imagine a fire right now. I wish we could come cozy up with you guys!!!!!

  3. I second the raised fists... seriously??? This snow is killing me. I'd be fine with it if I lived in Utah (1, because it's expected, and 2, because I'd have a garage and a snowblower.) but here it just makes me grumpy.

    The pretzels! I cannot believe that they worked! Yay! My first foray into pretzels was only meh, so I am hesitant to try again. Love the idea though!!!