Monday, February 24, 2014

This Bag

So here it is. I like it. I really like it. I don't think I love it, however. But it fills its purpose and so I think I'll keep it. Besides, I invested enough into it I better.

The Things I Like About It:
1. My choice of fabrics.
2. The size. It fits a binder. Or it fits a kid's water bottle plus diapers and wipes, snacks, and my phone, wallet, calendar, and ipod.
3. It goes over my chest. I really dislike shoulder-only bags.
4. The pockets are super handy. (There is one on the back and one inside.)
5. The grab handle is super convenient too.

The Things I Don't Like About It:
1. My choice of fabrics. I don't know what I was thinking getting something with so much white! It'll be grey in a matter of weeks.
2. The pocket hardware seems a little fancy for me, but I had such a hard time finding it, I just went with it.
3. The strap hardware was really hard to find. I ended up finding it on etsy from an Aussie.
4. The cutting! I think I had to cut 46 pieces before I could start sewing. FORTY SIX PIECES. Those of you who sew, know how tedious this is!
5. I had some issues with the zipper being weirdly-sized. It made for some sloppy construction at that point and it bothers me every time I look at it.

The Things I Didn't Like About creativebug:
1. The fabric requirements for the strap fabric was WAY off. A yard? Really? Maybe a quarter yard. Wasteful.
2. No response to questions submitted. No real way to ask instructor questions.
3. No guidance on where to buy the hardware. A lot of pattern makers will tell you where they got their stuff in a buying guide. (Hmmm...apparently they did have this but it was really hidden. Me no likey.)
4. The editing was terrible. I really don't need to see the instructor sew a 50" straight stitch. I do, however, need to better be shown how she did the lining.
5. For rectangular pattern pieces, I'd just as soon be given the dimensions so I could use my rotary cutter to cut them.
6. Ugh. Why can't you just use a standard zipper size?
7. When I cancel my membership (which I was loathe to pay for, but since hardware came from Australia, I used more than the 14-day trial), I have no print out of the instructions. I think that since I paid for the class, there should be something tangible. Instead, I had to take copious notes for the next bag, should there be a next time.

But like I said, I like it. I really do. Now just to take a flight somewhere!


  1. it is super awesome and adorable - worth the hassle for you, hopefully. it's so professional!

  2. I love it! I can't believe you MADE it! I hate cutting out pieces too, I can't imagine how long this took you but looks like it was worth the effort and perhaps doing something challenging for you since your sewing skills are top-notch and your stitches almost flawless.
    ALSO, I just bought a black and white diaper bag. Yes, lots of white. BUT I couldn't help it. Sometimes white is fun. I just hope it cleans well.. =)

  3. Wow! It looks awesome. I'm seriously impressed and I love the fabric choices.

  4. It looks so great! Sorry it was a pain. 46 pieces is a TON! I wouldn't have made it if I knew it was that many pieces. But I'm lazy these days ;) ha! Love your fabric choices!