Friday, February 21, 2014

Ollie and Rhett's Prayers

A.S. I had something else for today, but didn't make enough time to write it out. You'll have to wait. And yes, an A.S. is like a P.S. but coming before regular text. Kind of like AM and PM. I would have put the third sentence in a P.S.S.-like paragraph but I'm pretty sure you can quickly figure out why I didn't.

I know prayers aren't supposed to be routine, but hopefully that's too much to ask a two-year old. Ollie insists on saying almost every family prayer we do, much to Rhett's delight. No matter any prompting we give him to start it differently, this is pretty much how each one goes:
Ollie: In the name of Jesus Father, thank you for the day. Thank you for the dinner. Please bless us that we won't have bad dreams about space grizzlies. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

And last night at dinner, Rhett added this to his prayer:
Rhett: And please bless me to have a dream where I can meet Brother [Bear] and Sister [Bear] again.

And this quote from Wednesday...
Me: Ollie! Stop splashing in the puddles! You're not wearing your rain boots!
Ollie: Sorry, mom, but that's just what kids do.

A picture just for fun.

P.S. I guess I should mention that space grizzlies are action figures in a Berenstain Bears book. Nothing fancy.


  1. Ollie is right. That is just what kids do, unfortunately.

    His prayer is awesome. I really love the space grizzlies part. Where did he come up with that?!

    My wafers were actually pink, not red. I guess they look a little red in the photo. Anyway, I just bought the multi pack (choc, vanilla and strawberry) wafer pack and used only the strawberry ones for dipping. I think I bought the pack at Target of all places.

  2. hilarious. i think rhett and ollie are funny - so rhett has already met sister and brother once in his dreams? awesome.

    yes, what are space grizzlies?

  3. love it! prayers can be so entertaining with little ones sometimes!

  4. That kid is just on track to building a Rameumptom soon... watch him.