Monday, February 10, 2014

Ollie is Adorable. I said it.

It's true. Ollie is adorable. I feel bad that I can't say the same for Rhett, and it's not that he's not cute, but he's just not at an adorable age. I mean, I certainly don't expect anyone to tell me that I'm adorable. It's just something you grow out of, and, sadly for Rhett, he has. But man, that Ollie sure is embracing it. And he's one of those who knows (or has been well-trained by Chuck and me) that he's cute. Need proof?

Rhett: Can I have some peanut butter please?
Me: Sure, after you say, "Mom and Dad, you are the greatest parents. I am happy to be your son."
Rhett: Mom and Dad. You are the greatest parents. I am happy to be your son.
Peanut butter given.
Ollie: I want some peanut butter too! Mom and Dad. You are great. Can I be your parent?

Ollie: Mom, I'm not all filled up. I need more food.

Ollie destroys my piles of folded laundry.
Me: Gosh, Ollie! Next time you can do the laundry.
Ollie: Okay, I will! I will be an adult!

Ollie was acting up in sacrament meeting during the closing prayer. A good friend, whom Ollie loves, was saying the prayer. We thought it might calm him down to see this friend praying.
Me, quietly: Look Ollie! Mr. Baba is saying the prayer.
Ollie, not even close to quietly: MR. BABA!!!
Mr. Baba: [Opens eyes, smiles at Ollie, continues to pray.]
We found out later that Mr. Baba enjoyed this shout-out. He said it made him feel like a movie star. Well, glad we could help out, Mr. Baba. Also, of course his name is not Mr. Baba. But for whatever reason, my children gave him this nickname.

Look how tender he is! He sat down next to Rhett and put his arm around him. Heart wringer!

Putting his favorite stuffed animals to bed with a story. When he describes it he says, "I'm reading a story to my babies."


  1. Nope.

    We concur!!! Ollie IS adorable!

    And I see what you mean about the passing of time diminishing the cute factor. Same thing happened with my children...

  2. awwwwwwww. love this! love him!

  3. He is adorable! And what a cute age. Love it. Justin and I were discussing the same thing about Jackson last night. He is adorable and the girls are not as much anymore. Not in a bad way though, like you said. Love the honesty!

  4. heheheheeh he is so cute! ARRGGGGG the destroying of the folded laundry piles drive me CRAZYYYY!!! But Ollie makes it cute hehe.