Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Joy in Motherhood

Joy in motherhood. Lately I'm having a hard time finding mine. I would love to say someday it'll come easy and be constant. That someday, I will relish in rolling around, tickling and giggling, and playing trains with my boys all day long. But these days? Nope.

However, I am trying to find just a singular piece of joy in my children each day. Just one. This, I feel, is doable. Hard for me, but doable.

So yesterday, my joy was seeing Ollie play with a parachute for the first time. You know, the ones that kids run under, the ones you bounce balls on. Ollie had never experienced one until then, and when he did, oh JOY. He just laid on his back on the ground, smiling the nuttiest grin ever. And while I watched him, yep. True joy. Maybe even as much as he was experiencing.


  1. maybe even more? :)

    where was this parachute thing?

    sometimes i find i am as up and down as my kids' emotions. at one moment, i can't stand what my kids are doing and don't think i can be a stay-at-home mom much longer. the next moment i am adoring what my children did/said/acted and am so glad that i was home to be a part of it.

    it's rough being a mom - the lowest lows and highest highs. going up and down is hard on the body and mind!

    but it's all worth it, i believe. even if it stinks.