Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can You Find Moody Bear? Because Chuck Can't

Within the first year of marriage, I realized I'd married a man who can't find things. It doesn't matter where the things are (pantry, cabinets, closets), he struggles in all areas. For example, the other day we were trying to clean up and find Rhett's "Moody Bear" game thingy. We were all looking everywhere, but without luck. We even looked under the couches. This was serious. I made one quick trip to the playroom and SURPRISE! I spied it immediately. Mind you: this is a room Chuck had already pored over, searching for that blasted Moody Bear.

So now it's your turn. First I'll show you what Moody Bear looks like:

(Yes, yes, technically this isn't Moody Bear, but rather his house. So sue me.)

And here's the playroom exactly as it was when Chuck unsuccessfully looked for the bear. I'm going to bet that you can find Moody Bear, so please just tell me how long your search took. (And yes, you're allowed to click it to enlarge.)

P.S. I'd like to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers for our family during this very difficult time. You know, the difficult time of "no-canned-pumpkin-in-the-stores-whatsoever." All your prayers were answered yesterday when I found it at Safeway. I bought 12 cans and plan on buying more. Wait, what's that you say? You weren't praying for pumpkin for our sad family?! Hmmm...Prayer really seemed like the only logical explanation since I'd been looking for so long. Regardless it's MINE, all mine. [Cue evil laugh.]


  1. How could he not see that? :) Good thing you're a good "I Spy-er!"

    You totally had me going with the P.S.! I'm glad you found some pumpkin and stocked up. Now you can make pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies to your heart's content!

  2. Jim has the same problem Erin. :) I agree with Melissa - how could you NOT see that? It's right out there on the floor! and if that wasn't enough - the colors are bright enough that it makes them stand out. Ah well :) Men....

  3. Ha ha ha, hilarious. I'll admit I couldn't find it in the little picture. I had to click it so it was bigger, then it was an instant find. If it makes you feel better Zack suffers from "open not close" syndrome. He is a child. He opens jars, bags, cupboards...and leaves them that way. It drives me CRAZY!!! What is it with boys!?

    So happy to hear about the pumpkin! It surely is a need, especially this time of year!

  4. 2 seconds. Sorry, Chuck, but that's lame. Maybe you and my husband can be lame together? ;) My mom swears I am the same way, so her response when I couldn't find something? "Did you call it? Try calling it." And sure enough. I'd go in the room, call said object and it would be found.

    Pumpkin.... yes!!!!!!!

  5. took me 1 second. seriously. didn't even enlarge it. :) men just plain stink at finding things.

    sooooo glad about pumpkins! but grow your own next year. seriously, you can do it.

  6. Yeah, I saw it too!! So silly. Sometimes guys are just not as aware as us girls are. Unobservant I think.

    Wow. I would have been crying about no pumpkin too! Glad you found some!!

  7. Oh my gosh, I can SOOOOO relate, it's gotta be a MAN thing. Really. Too funny.....But yes, took me about .45 of a second to spot it and then I enlarged just to be sure. ;)

    YAY for pumpkin. I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread today. YUM-O.