Monday, October 17, 2011

It Takes a Village (at least for me)

When I posted about my struggles with infant Ollie, it had been a hard couple of days. I'm sure what I am experiencing is no different from most peoples' experiences with a newborn; I just like to complain more than most.

Happily, things have improved. Ollie is back to once a night wake-ups and we have made a concerted effort to make sure when he cries at night it's due to hunger and not just something else. (Isn't it amazing the difference between once a night and twice? Seriously, with once a night I'm not at all tired during the day. But twice? Omy.) We've found a way that makes us all happy to deal with his rolling. He's napping pretty well during the day in the crib, and we'll keep him in the bassinet with us at night for a little while. We have every reason to expect good things. Life is good...and getting better!

But I'm just amazed at how helpful and caring my friends are! Just knowing that people care and want to help is, well, helpful. And just knowing that others have gone through the same struggles is again helpful.

I'm saddened that we don't live in a village-like atmosphere anymore. I think I could have done very well with that. I still have dreams of living in a cul-de-sac filled with my friends. We'd have bar-be-cues weekly, babysitting groups so I could date my husband, craft nights, girl nights, co-op preschools, running groups. And think of everything we could help each other with! Where I have talent, I can help you. Where I lack, you can help me. We'd know that we're not alone and that everyone hopes for the best for everyone else. Doesn't that sound lovely?! Yeah, I thought so too. Now let's just all find a cul-de-sac where all the homes are for sale. Then we'll all move there and all our problems will be gone. Who's with me?

This bunch of crazies is welcome in my cul-de-sac anytime. In fact, their presence is required. (Nikki and Frederick, just because you're not here, we still expect you.)


  1. im in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man that would be so fun. i'm thinking of the wonder years.

  2. count me in, too! i yearn for that idealistic life, too.

    glads things are getting better!

  3. So many thoughts on this!
    1. You know that I would love to be your neighbor! Yes please! What you describe sounds like a dream.
    2. Alas, my only worries are my deficiencies in talents that can be appropriately shared in a village. Piano lessons are all that come to mind.
    3. My first thought was... uh oh. This sounds like sister-wives.
    4. My next thought was, hey! Move to Africa! A lot of village living is still occurring there!
    5. Lastly, and oh yeah, I know you're going to looooove this one! ;) Sounds a little like what Zion and Relief Society are supposed to be! Just the geography is in the way!

    Pugs and bulldogs unite!!!