Friday, October 21, 2011

Latest Projects

Now that it's getting colder, we thought Ollie might need a couple of sleep sacks. They also might keep his little legs from escaping through crib slats.  Can you guess which fabric I chose and which fabric Chuck and Rhett chose?

One morning Rhett asked me for a cape. Since he loves being a vampire, I thought the skull fabric would be perfect for a cape so I whipped one up. Now to make a super hero mask to go with it.

My fun cousin Emily initiated a fun little craft swap and this is what I made for Shauna: a couple of necklaces for her and bow ties for her little boy.

Some time ago I made some library bags for two of my nephews. A friend of my sister saw the bags and commissioned me to make one for her little girl. I am super pleased with the use of the cute corduroy.

A fun Halloween wreath modeled after one I saw on Pinterest.

Once Ollie had a name, I could finish his stocking.

And more ties for another friend's baby. Gosh these things are addictive.

I've started on my Christmas gifts, but don't want to share those just yet. Going camping today--wish us luck!

And because it's been too picture of Oliver.


  1. holy moly love it all. it had been too long - glad you put a picture of ollie up. i love everything else, too. i'm curious to see if ollie likes his sleep-sacks; it's gotta help keep him a little more contained! i love rhett's cape - but i also love his shirt. did you freezer-paper it? totally cute stuff.

  2. all soooo cute. love the sleep sacks!! and me bow ties.

  3. You are incredible!! How you get all those projects done with your new little one is beyond me!! Love the cape and sleep sacks. Where did you get the pattern?

  4. All cute stuff! I am not sure how you do it all either. You are an inspiration. Please do share some patterns. If I can ever get my boys on the same nap schedule I would love to try and make them some things.