Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ollie Update

Remember when I said it was about as good as it gets? Well, it's getting bad. I feel like Oliver's nighttime sleep should be lengthening, but it's not. In fact, he's waking nearly as often as he does during the day. This does not a happy mom make.

Our big problem is this: he's rolling over. He starts on his back and then rolls all around, often ending up two feet and perpendicular to where we initially put him. More often than not, he ends up with his face in the side of the bassinet (see below) or with limbs sticking out of the crib and face directly in the slats. This does not a happy baby make.

There are so many problems with his nighttime sleep and I don't know even know where to start. First, where to put him. Up until now, he's been in the bassinet in the basement just outside our "master suite" (it makes me feel fancy). During the day, we've been able to nap him in the crib in the room he'll eventually share with Rhett. But as we've seen, the bassinet sleeping is getting tricky. We've nervous about SIDS and suffocation with the padding in the bassinet. But I'm also nervous about broken limbs and woken brother with the crib.

Second, how do you stop him from rolling? I think some of the problems of multiple wake times at night are due to him rolling and not liking where he ends up. Then he thinks, "Well, I'm awake so I might as well eat." But when he does half a regular feeding, I know he wasn't that hungry.

Third, he won't be swaddled any more. Those [insert my maiden name here]-thighs are too strong and he kicks out and then the blanket ends up all over the place. Since we try to keep nothing in the crib but baby, this becomes a problem. I feel like if he was swaddled, we might have a better chance.

Once again, parenting is kicking me in the butt and reminding me that I know nothing and worse yet, that I have no control over anything. I'm tired and frustrated and missing my old life. I love my babies, and I may be breaking some sort of mom code when I say this, but here I go: Oh, how I do wish they'd grow up quickly.


  1. Oh man you can do it! I'm dreading what to do when 6weeksI is up and its time to put Fred in his crib to sleep....not because I won't be next to him anymore...but I won't know what the heck I'm doing.

  2. Have you tried using a Swaddle Me? They velcro up so it makes it pretty hard to break free. If you don't think that would work we also use a Woombie. They have a bunch of different kinds that have different toughness- even ones that can let the arms be in or out and it zips up which is nice :) Good luck. Bad sleeping babies is the PITS!! Curse those maiden name thighs!! I have them too :(

  3. I would highly recommend the Miracle Blanket. We had that with Camilla and it was absolutely amazing and she was never able to get herself out of it. I think it works better than any other swaddle blanket. I really think that if we had had that when Lawson was a baby, it would have made life SOOO much better. They're a bit pricy, but worth every penny in our experience.

    I hope it gets better. That first year is always the hardest for me because of the whole sleep issues and nursing.

  4. Man, I wish that I were smart and had experience. Good experience. I wish that I were a better friend so that I could say more than: sorry! hang in there! good luck!

    For the crib do you have crib bumpers or those non-suffocating mesh-like crib bumpers? Maybe using the latter could put you at ease but help Ollie stay free of the slats? I think Purvi has those on Saha's crib.

    Sigh. Um... what more can I say? I got nuthin'. I'm so lame. But I do love you! (And MISS you guys badly!)

  5. How about the pack and play as a post-bassinet-pre-crib option? I can't remember if it's mesh all the way down the sides, but at least the solid parts would be less padded than bassinet walls.

    We liked both the Swaddle Me and the Halo SleepSack Swaddle. The former kept Caleb a little more contained, better for when he was younger, but the latter is nice too because you can keep using the sleepsack part after removing the swaddle arms.

    Good luck!! Crappy sleep makes everything so much harder.

    (And I hope you don't mind that I'm a reader of your blog too! :)

  6. Sleep issues always are the biggest challenge. I feel like I was so much better at helping baby #1 sleep than #2. Sharing a room is hard on them sometimes, but that's life. I think the pack-n-play might be your best bet. You will figure something out, even if it's by trial and error. I know that isn't very comforting, but it shows that I know you are a smart mom.

    To keep our kids on their backs we used a towel rolled up on both sides like a scroll. (I can show you what I mean if that doesn't make sense). I think there are also foam pads you can buy that do the same thing. It was a difficult transition for Elodie during the swaddle to no swaddle phase. Those were some rough, rough days for me, but we made it through and you will too.

    When sleep isn't going well, DO NOT feel bad about taking a nap or putting in a DVD for Rhett and snoozing a bit. If mom ain't happy, ain't no one happy, right?

  7. Get a swaddleme on!! Or you can borrow mine... but its pink! We call it the baby coma straight jacket. They are fantastic.

  8. holy moly look at all your comments. i don't really have much to add. but i do feel bad that you ain't so happy about ollie's sleep. but you got to remember, he is still little. give him time - tho that doesn't help now, but my kids never really developed good sleeping habits until after 3 months (at least). it takes time for us and them to get it right. but stick with your schedule and routine and he'll fall in line. . . eventually.

    i think those foam pads are considered SIDS risk. i thought they sounded brilliant a few years ago, but then heard some negative feedback on them. you might want to check it out first.

    emmy slept like that, too. it always made me nervous.

    seriously, hang in there. it will get better.

  9. I do in fact have those bumpers and we just took them off Saha's crib because she has figured out how to pull them off so you are welcome to borrow, just let me know.

  10. It is important to let Ollie figure out how to get himself back to sleep or he'll keep relying on those half nursing sessions anytime he rolls over during the night. Try leaving him to cry and squirm into a comfy position and if he can't, reposition him without nursing.

    Also, I put my babes on their belly by 7-8 weeks. I know what the Drs say, but mine all started sleeping through the night by 8 weeks because I had them on their tummy. I watched them closely during nap time to make sure they were strong enough to lift their heads and maneuver around the bassinet if they ended up in the corner. The bassinet was by my bed until they were about 4 months old so I was able to listen closely to them.

    Don't forget those growth spurts which throw off EVERYTHING! 10 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months....