Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

Now that I've found Pinterest, I am so done with Facebook. Not really, but I rarely check FB anymore and am quite addicted to Pinterest. It's such a great way for me to store ideas and find new ones.

If I could be on any HGTV show right now, I'd totally pick "Curb Appeal." I saw the most amazing redo recently,  and I want my house to look like that. (If you want to see the exact makeover I reference, click on the link and then click on the episode titled, "Great Enough." So beautiful.)

Related to home improvement, we're getting new countertops soon! They're being manufactured as I type and will be installed within the next two weeks. Turns out I don't like granite, so we chose a concrete instead. But it's not regular grey concrete; it's special concrete with river rocks in it. So seriously beautiful and cool. Can't wait. Until then, we're enjoying cutting on the current countertops...without cutting boards! Cutting boards be danged!

My use of "danged" just there reminded me of a recent SNL sketch about Mitt Romney. They  parodied his Mormon swear words during part of it, but clearly they didn't do their research. I mean, "shucks," "fudge," and "cheese and crackers?" We don't talk that way. Where was "fetch?" Try again, SNL.

If Rhett could choose three foods to have every day they would be (1) pasta with alfredo sauce, (2) peanut butter sandwiches, and (3) some sort of chocolate as a meal. I would have French toast, but not sure what else. I really love French toast.

Do you think it would be horrible to give trick-or-treaters glow sticks instead of candy? I saw the idea in the paper and think it's not a bad one. Those things cost about ten cents a piece and we don't get that many kids. We'd spend about as much on candy and these things are still cool, unlike pennies or toothbrushes.

It's not set yet, but we might have the coolest summer plans ever: spend 3-4 weeks at my parents' house! (Sadly they won't be there; happily they'll be on a mission.) I think I'm okay to work from there part-time (someone's got to make the summer money) and being there that long would give us so much more time to see people and do things that our usual one-week trips prohibit. But what to do with Bruno? I don't feel comfortable asking people to watch our dog for an entire month nor do I feel comfortable putting him in a kennel for that long. Pug on a plane, anyone?

I'm looking for recommendations for workout videos. I have the Jillian Michaels one, but get bored doing the same one day after day. Let me know if you use one you like. Anyone try the Insanity ones? We have them and Chuck and I might give it a go.


  1. What's wrong with giving out toothbrushes?! I was thinking about giving out little toys. Kids eat too much candy these days. Toys are more fun than cavities and diabetes!

  2. Augh! I told you you'd get addicted!!! It's horrible and wonderful all at the same time, right?

    And I never used workout videos except sporadically in college and we were big fans of Billy Blanks and kickboxing back then! Double fist pump!

    We may come to your house just to get glow sticks! Madeleine loves them! Great idea! And of course, Marc would think that's a winner as well - no sweets!

    Will have to watch the Curb Appeal and SNL skit. New counters??? Jeeeeealous! Always, but really can't wait to see them!

    Lastly, UT 3-4 weeks??/ YES! We love our long trips home (except for the things we don't love). Good luck with the dog situation. No ideas from me, except, ya know, why have a dog in the first place? ;) (kidding, Bruno. we quite like you.) You'll have so much fun. Yay!

  3. pinterest is very cool. i haven't spent too much time browsing it, but i love the whole idea of it.

    can't wait to see the countertops! i have no idea what it's going to look like, but sounds fabulous.

    no fetch at all? totally lame.

    not bad choices for rhett. i'd definitely have chocolate chips in my top 3.

    so i think glow-sticks are a great thing to pass out. but not b/c i don't think people should hand out candy. i mean, sorry, but it's just one day that kids get candy and so i don't think we have to give alternatives - let the kids have candy! now if you're giving out candy - and lots of it - every day to your kiddos. then bad. but on a special holiday? awesome i think. now with my big 2-cents all being said, i still think glow-sticks are a great idea because they are cool - not b/c i think candy shouldn't be passed out.

    totally do 3-4 weeks! we might invade for a week or so of that time - so beware. but then you could actually relax and have a real vacation - rather than trying to cram so much in.

    okay, have i said enough? ha.

  4. hmmm, apparently i haven't said enough.

    definitely bring bruno on the plane. why not? i totally would.

    jillian has 3 different videos and so you can rotate. other than that, i don't know. what about that PX90 or whatever it is called. i hear it's good, and expensive?

  5. I like P90X. I got mine on ebay for half price and find they work out great b/c every day is something different. My only problem is that it is 1 hour straight (or more if I also do the stomach work out in addition). So pretty much my boys just climb all over me and lift weights and run around while I get my butt kicked :0)! GOOD LUCK!

  6. Here is a question for you to ask on a future blog post - Why is Pinterest 99.9% women?

    I've done P90X and Insanity and they are both fantastic. I think P90X is great and some women avoid because they don't want to "bulk up." But he has a woman in each of the videos and he gives options on how to work out and stay slim. Most women don't do enough resitance training as it is not to mention they don't have the proper hormones to really get huge. It is a big time commitment though. About half the videos are cardio.

    Insanity is fantastic but it is not for the faint of heart. The first time I did it I thought I was going to die - during the warm up. I think I did die during the actual work out. Even the instructor guy on one of the videos says he's nervous about the work out before they get started. It's a lot different than endurance cardio like running. He wants you to really go all out for a lot of the time. But you burn a lot more calories that way.

    Anyway, both are very good and worth the money as long as you commit to do them!