Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It Will Get Easier, Right?

I'm wondering if I'm laboring under a great delusion. I have never been shy to admit that being a mom to little kids is quite difficult for me. There's a lot that I don't like about it (the acting, the playing with Little People, the wiping of bums, the broken sleep). Of course there is a lot I do like (the cute baby voices, the cuddliness, the new baby smiles), but really, it's hard for me.

So I've been thinking about ways in which my life will be easier once the boys are older, and here's what I came up with:

1. Because it's on the brain, camping. No middle of the night feedings when it's freezing cold and dark. Ability to take longer hikes. Ability to take hikes without kids strapped to you. Backpacking! Need I say more?

2. Feeding. Older kids can feed themselves. If they're hungry, they can get themselves a sandwich or yogurt or an apple or whatever. Then they can clean up after themselves. I also have hopes that they'll be better eaters with better palettes.

3. Running. I am so excited for Saturday morning runs with my boys and weekday morning runs without them.

4. Shopping. Grocery shopping, while certainly more expensive with growing boys, will be accomplished without kids during the day.

5. Crafting. I know that as kids get older, bedtimes get later so I might not have my three-hour block at nighttime, but still. They'll be at an age where they can entertain themselves. (And by "entertain" I mean "do homework.") Or I'll just do it while they're at school!

6. Full-day outings. Certainly now I am committed to naps for both kids, but I am pumped for the day when they don't need them. Doing things like going to the zoo, visiting Smithsonian museums, hiking, or taking other day trips will be so much easier with kids who don't need naps. Sure, I'll occasionally forgo a nap now, but because Rhett still needs them, we pay for it in whininess and tears and tantrums.

7. Hanging out with them. As expressed, sitting on the floor with cars or blocks just isn't my favorite thing, no matter how much I love my children (all the way to Pluto and back, just in case you were wondering). But going to soccer games, school functions, back and forth to mutual, all sound like my kind of things.

8. Dating my husband. At a certain point, Rhett will be allowed to watch Oliver without requiring a babysitter. That means dates with Chuck will be more regular and frequent and free. Hopefully we'll still like each other then. Heehee. (Maybe we'll have to keep up that annoying kitchen dancing.)

9. Bathrooming. I won't have to constantly ask if they need to go to the bathroom. I won't have to wipe a bum after they go poo. No more diapers!

10. Driving. No more car seats! No more strap buckling! Heck, at some point, they'll be able to drive me!

Okay, wow. I should just stop now. It seems like everything will be easier. Maybe the only thing I can think of that will be harder is just the feeding of two teenage boys. So I'm sure I'm missing somethings where it will be harder. Cajoling kids to do homework? Suppressing teenage boys' hormones? What?!


  1. Well, you do make the future sparkle! Sounds good to me! And since I have girls with minimal appetites and no expectations of eating me out of house and home... my life will actually be PERFECT in the future, right?

    My only worries are #1... I don't think I want to backpack (unless I have my own sherpa) and I'm pretty sure Marc will want to try that when our kids grow up. Oh no! Help me! and #7. I actually worry a lot about how stressed I'll be about the chauffeuring and over-scheduling of kids with endless activities. I like me some quiet book reading, home-playing time scheduled into my days usually.

  2. well just the teenage years in general will be tough, i think. but maybe a little better for ya since you got 2 boys. but ben's sister, laura, always says she loves the "older" stages of her children much more than the younger years. she has 3 boys and 1 girl.

    as soon as kids start school it's a whole new adventure - and a really fun one, too. so that's not too far in the distance.

    so regarding your "all the way to pluto and back" comment: emmy is in to telling me that she loves lucy (or me) all the way to aunt-e's house. :)

  3. I've thought about these things too. I look forward to having kids really help with chores, being able to get themselves in the car, getting themselves dressed, etc.

    But then I snuggle up to Axton's warm body and feel his baby soft skin and tickle him. Nothing beats the sound of his giggle. Then I see Elodie reaching for me and giving me a big slobbery opened mouth kiss. I think all that makes these year difficult just makes you stronger and more patient. There's so much to learn and we have a lifetime to do it.

    But yeah, I'm tired of wiping bums.