Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Weekend

Our annual pumpkin day turned into pumpkin weekend this year. We did the pumpkin activities on Saturday and feasted on pumpkin food on Sunday.

Saturday was the trip to the pumpkin patch. First was a ride on the tractor pull. (Chuck is happy to have Ollie around because he got out of having to wear a matching jack o' lantern shirt.) I now understand why my mom did this to my sister and me.

Ollie clearly loved every second of it.

The little ones with their pumpkin loot. Rhett loves his green pumpkins and insisted that Ollie's was also green...but smaller. Done!

Sunday morning we made pumpkin french toast. If you plan on making it, do it! It was fairly mild in taste, but the spices were yummy. Of course, pumpkin bread as snack during the day. And after dinner, pumpkin shakes! (Whoa. They made up for the "hint of pumpkin" flavor from the morning. It tasted like drinking pumpkin pie.) Can you imagine if I hadn't been able to find pumpkin? The horror.

A note about Rhett's refusal to smile in pictures: He told us during the hayride that we can't take his picture until he's four years old. He said that once he's four he'll want to smile for pictures, just not when he's three.


  1. That's a lot of pumpkin paraphernalia! And I cannot imagine why Chuck doesn't want to partake! The other boys looks so darling!

  2. So fun!! I love it! The pics are darling!! And I must say that Ollie looks just like YOU in the pic of him by himself!! Way to go all out pumpkin :)

  3. yum yum YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! you all are so cute! Rhett is SO HUGE!!! All my nursery buddies are growing up.