Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Months!

The little one is two months old. I am happy to report that time is moving much more quickly with Oliver than with Rhett, which for this non-baby woman, is a good thing. He's doing great. Sleeping, eating, and being awake--he's mastered them all. Sometimes he requires being held to get to sleep, and if it's after Rhett's gone to bed and before I do, I won't complain. I love just staring at him, wondering, "Who are you in there? What kind of person are you going to be? Mathematical, like your Mom and Dad? Or someone totally different?" I love the excitement of watching kids as they unfold, and he's no different.

Two-Month Stats:
Length = 22.75" (50th percentile)
Weight = 10.75 lbs (37.5th percentile)
Head Circ = 15.33" (37.5th percentile)


  1. well if i do say so myself, he's practically perfect.

  2. okay, i just looked at the picture again today. and i just have to agree with myself (above statement). ha. he is just too darn cute!