Friday, October 7, 2011

ISO...Preschooler Who Wants to Share a Love of Little People and Noodles with White Sauce

Is it just me, or has mail gotten lamer and lamer? I love getting mail. Sure, junk mail is junk, but magazines, packages, letters, wedding and birth all brings such joy. Living at the end of a route only heightens the excitement because I have to wait all day to know what will be brought to us. And now that I don't really get bills in the mail, it's either junk or good! Unfortunately, it's mostly junk.

I'm sad that Rhett will never experience such happiness from getting mail. I'm sure his joy will be replaced by some newfangled thing, but it won't be the same. So I thought, what about getting Rhett a little pen pal? You know, someone his approximate age with whom he can correspond on occasion? So, anyone want to volunteer their child? I was thinking it should be someone who doesn't live in Maryland and is about his age. Certainly Rhett can't read nor write, but I can transcribe and he can draw pictures. Does anyone (or, more likely, anyone's kid) want to be Rhett's pen pal?

Is this totally lame? Is this one of those things I'm doing more for me than for him?

Penultimately, a note from management: It's come to my attention that some were offended in the way they may have been portrayed in Wednesday's post. Plaintiff avers that he, in fact, was looking for the actual Moody Bear, not the bear's house. I'll give that to him. He also avers that he did not "pore over" the room, but rather "glance over." I will refute that. When it was revealed to Plaintiff that I found the bear after a one-second look into the playroom, he was visibly and audibly aghast. His aghastedness tells me that he really looked, because if he had merely glanced, as he asserts, then he would not have been so surprised.

Finally, some fun pictures. We took the chariot for its debut ride the other day (we've had absolutely perfect weather). I love this picture of Rhett because it's so him. The sideways glance is something I'll always remember, and hope he does it forever. And a picture of a smiley baby is just fun.


  1. Ohhhh a chariot! Next up? Lions and gladiators? And that sideways looks is priceless.

    The pen pal idea is fabulous. Even if it is more for you than for him. If you're not tiger-mama about it, he may grow to (or immediately!) love it! Writing as a form of communication, is, I think, a talent and sign of humanity.

  2. (okay, erin, for some reason EVERY time i write a comment and then hit "post comment" on your blog (sometimes on others, but ALWAYS on yours) it goes to some stupid "error" page. it drives me insane because when i go back to the page, i has deleted my comment. when i try a second time, it works. so lame. i try to remember to copy my comments, but sometimes i forget. like just a second ago. ugh. anyways. . .)

    so fantastic pictures! totally cute. and i loved the note from management as well.

    also, i will sign emmy up for rhett's pen-pal. unless, of course, you want someone "other than family." let me know! it's a great idea. and, yeah, mail pretty much stinks these days.

  3. I love the pen pal idea. My SIL has a boys book club website and through her website a mom of a kindergartner contacted her about finding pen pals as a book club idea. They read a book (now I can't remember the name, but it was about pen pals) and then had pen pals all over the place to write to. Connor corresponded with his for a year or so, but then it all sort of fell away.

    You might think about involving books as a common thread for the kids to have plenty to talk about.

  4. Isaac will be Rhett's pen pal! My SIL just started the pen pal thing with her little girl and she has been loving it.