Friday, March 2, 2012

Grocery Prices

So it turns out that grocery prices ARE a lot higher here in D.C., by about a factor of a lot. Who knew?! We pay $3.99 for our milks (can be on sale for less) and almost $0.90 for a Yoplait yogurt (but I watch sales and get it for $0.55 or less if I buy it in a box). Our Cheerios seem to be about the same. Our loaves of bread (and I'm talking Pepperidge Farm or Arnold, something nice and heavy and whole wheat-y) are around $4.50, but I never buy them unless they're 50% off, which they are frequently. I can find Goldfish for $1 or $1.25, which is when I buy them, but normally they're around $2.39. And our bananas recently went from $0.59/lb to $0.69/lb. Of course there are a lot of things we eat that don't go on sale, and I'm sure I pay more for those than you (unless you live here too).

Sure, living here can be hard. The traffic, the costs, the humidity. But there lots of good things too. Hello, free Smithsonians! Hello beaches and big cities! Hello lots of different people! Hello lots of things to do!  We just feel very lucky that we can afford it. (Hello Chuck's first-year salary being more than a teacher in Utah after 15 years!)


  1. interesting about the prices. too bad that D.C. is not so bad after all! kidding. kind of.

  2. How much is gas is your neck of the woods? It's $3.89 for regular unleaded here, but in Sandy, it's only $3.30. If your food is that much, I'm guessing you're over $4?