Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Utah: Where to Begin?

My parents were nervous that our Utah trip wouldn't live up to all my hopes. But they can rest assured that it's already been awesome. I feel like we're really taking advantage of all that Utah has to offer, and yet we're not dead tired. We're still putting the kids down for naps and regular bedtimes, so hopefully they (and we) are all getting the rest we need.

Instead of a trip log, for now I'm going to post my thoughts on Utah, or as I've been calling it, "anti-Maryland." Not because Utahans dislike Maryland (you have to know about Maryland in order to dislike it) but "anti" in the opposite sense. Seriously, it couldn't be more different.

1. The mountains (obviously). Our elevation at my parents' house is higher than the elevation of the highest point in Maryland.

2. The roads. Even though Chuck and I don't know Midway/Heber very well, it took about one day to figure it out. I'm still driving around Maryland with a map, and I've lived there for 10 years.

3. The cool nights. I love that when you're in the mountains, nights get nice and cool. We opened windows the other night, but then learned that the noise of sprinklers awakes us, so now we've closed them again. But it's nice to know that we could open them should we desire.

4. The sprinklers. I've never seen any in Maryland. We just don't need them. Utah on the other hand...

5. The frozen yogurt. I have more options than McDonald's here. And there are more flavors. And it's cheaper. Maverick cone count to date: 2.

6. The humidity. Obviously it's lower. And obviously I love that. Although interestingly enough, it's rained four of four days. Crazy, no? Of course it rains for a second and then is done, but still rain.

7. Groceries. There is a grocery store in town and a Walmart a bit farther away. We were warned that the nearby grocery store is a bit more expensive, but when we found out that their regular-priced milk is still 25% cheaper than Maryland milk, well, let's just say it's makes me feel rich to be able to shop at the more-expensive place. Although, you better believe that we did our stocking-up at Walmart.

8. The trees. Sure, once you get in the mountains there are trees. And sure, the neighborhoods have trees that are smaller than the houses, but it doesn't compare to Maryland. While I like this in Utah because it means I can actually see father than about a quarter mile, it also means that parks here are full sun, which is certainly not ideal. Every single playground we've seen has just been open to the skies. Thankfully we remembered sunscreen AND we're remembering to put it on!

9. Fireworks. In this, the burning western United States, some how fireworks are allowed. And yet, in damp damp Maryland, everything is banned. Yes, even sparklers, if you can believe that. So this year Rhett will experience his first sparkler. What an exciting event!

I know there's more but I can't think of it now. I just can't believe how much we're enjoying this place. Other than when I'm at work, we've really had limited screen time, preferring to get out and do things, even if that means just sitting on the porch watching the sunset over Timpanogos. We're embracing all-things-Utah (including eating my mom's 12-year-old potato pearls from food storage!) and are doing things I've never even done before. We're all having such an amazing time.

Pictures later.


  1. Oh no. This doesn't make me feel jealous at all. Nope. Not. At. All.

    Of course, I may be there myself Sept.-Oct. now so...

  2. awesome, love it.

    and you haven't even been in utah for a week! and you've already done things never done before. so cool.