Friday, January 4, 2013

A Mishmash of Updates

New Years: We had a really great New Year's Eve. We invited some families over and did some kid-friendly activities. We played, ate good food, destroyed two Chuck-made pinatas, ate too much candy (not at all my intention--my apologies to our guests), took fun pictures at our photo booth, made way too much noise, and rang in the new year precisely at midnight...Greenwich Mean Time (7:00 p.m. EST). It was a success!

Redskins: I feel like among all my friends, probably none of them knows of the big football game happening on Sunday. I, of course, married a D.C. sports junkie, so I am fully aware. But needless to say, I will be a football widow this Sunday from 4:30 until 8ish. Anyone want to invite us over? We'll bring food.

Resolutions: Some goals that we've tossed around are working on our food storage, understanding our retirement accounts and wills, teaching Rhett about money, and doing more Ollie-appropriate things with little Ollie. I am taking a class so that I can learn how to use my year-old serger. Chuck is taking a guitar class to practice his erin-seducing skills. What are you working on this year?

Dates: Because of our babysitting co-op group, me tutoring a YW in exchange for babysitting, and us hiring another YW to help her raise money for camp in exchange for babysitting, Chuck and I have a lot of upcoming date nights. So dang happy about this one. So dang clueless how we'll spend the dates.

Me: I am going to Oklahoma City next week for work. If I didn't (1) feel guilty for leaving my family and (2) have a strong distaste for all things Oklahoma, I might be excited.

Rhett: Seems more like a five-year old every day. He just seems like such a different boy from who he was this past summer. He's bigger (as evidenced by his very short pants), but also more mature (if a five-year-old can ever be called mature). Crazy to think that he'll be in kindergarten in eight months.

Ollie: The only thing to say about little Ollie is that he goes to nursery in one month. One month people. Only four more Sundays of hanging out in the foyer because he's just too darn disruptive. This might be the highlight of the entire year.


  1. That is one mature 5 year old! Look at the facial hair on that kid! No wonder you can't believe it.

    Nothing cool about Oklahoma? Nothing?? I'm on it... finding you something.

    Sorry we are so ignorant of sports, otherwise we would have you over.

    You guys are in a dating oasis! This is crazy! You can spend any date night over here playing games... it just has to be post-8pm.

    And you guys have some awesome resolutions! You're such a fun family.

  2. congrats on the upcoming nursery adventure, hopefully the transition goes smoothly. and i love that we both will have kindergarteners this year, ashley too!

  3. so awesome about the new year's party. how was the candy-whack game?

    what's happening this sunday with the redskins? it's not super-bowl already, or is it?

    awesome resolutions. i'm going to try and be more of a conscientious parent - less reactive. i'm going to read a parenting book, the 5 love languages of children. i'm excited.

    dates - so cool! holy moly you'll be a pro after this year. i'm sure you guys will find fun and cool stuff to do.

    OK - it's not so bad. i've got some really fabulous in-laws there. :)

    rhett - he's getting pretty big, indeed. i mean, kindergarten is HUGE. in an awesome way.

    ollie - do you think he'll be fine with the whole nursery thing?! i hope so!

  4. I KNOW, NURSERY!!! Fred goes in two months. And I'm excited AND dreading it. Back in the Rhett and Madeleine days, I was all, "when I have kids....blah blah blah...I'm going to drop him off and not look back." but now I'm all...I don't know if I can do it. But for real, Collin has been coaching me talks every night convincing me that I can do it, that yes, Fred will cry, no, it won't psychologically damage him forever, and that we will be okay. He just gets so sad when we leave him. Any tips for me? I need to write an email to you and Natalie.