Friday, January 25, 2013

Things Rhett Says

We're having pancakes with blueberry sauce for breakfast, a meal usually reserved for dinner...
Rhett: I call this Brinner!

In a whisper voice...
Rhett: I love you way more than I love Kitty, but don't tell Kitty that because she'll get upset.

After a particularly hard morning with Ollie...
Rhett: Mom, I bet you can't wait for Ollie to go to college.

After learning we're having homemade [lean turkey] burgers and [oven baked] fries for dinner...
Rhett: It's a junk food dinner! It's a junk food dinner!

Rhett puts Ollie in a half-nelson. Ollie bites Rhett. Rhett gets mad.
Rhett: I wish Ollie was a teenager so he would go out.
Me: Where would he go?
Rhett: To get a job.

After I put Rhett's dinner dishes away (instead of him doing it himself)...
Rhett: When you're nice, you're the nicest mom in the world.

While playing with our $4.25-newly-thrifted tool kit set...
Rhett: This is like our own little Home Depot!

After getting into a sun-warmed car...
Rhett: I'm almost cooked back here!

1 comment:

  1. man he just gets funnier and funnier! i love everything he says.

    who's kitty? a stuffed animal?

    i love him wishing ollie to go get a job.