Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oklahoma Report

I've been in Oklahoma for a day and a half and man, what do people do here? It's really flat and all of the flora are dead and it's just weird. So far, not a fan. But I'm not here for fun; I'm here for work, right? Right.

So what do I do on work trips, besides work? The first day I always find a grocery store or convenience store. I hate the idea of eating out for three meals a day for three to four days. I'm too cheap and too worried about gaining weight. (Totally lame on both accounts, right? Right.) I just can't do it. Plus, I'm not great at eating at sit-down-with-a-menu restaurants alone. And I'm even not greater at going out with colleagues. This trip is no different. The first night here I walked around Bricktown and found a Circle K to stock up on apples (fruit), granola bars (grains?), and jerky (protein). If I had a fridge in the hotel I would have picked up some string cheese (dairy). I don't eat vegetables at home, so why do it here? Kidding (kind of).

My second night I went to a movie. I ate at the same taco place and it was good and cheap = perfect for me.

Pretty exciting, yeah? I bet you wish you were here!

Of course this was the plan. The surprise was that I woke up Tuesday morning at 4:30 a.m. totally sick. Only got out of bed once to present at my conference and then returned immediately to bed. Sigh. I hate being sick.


  1. oh no, so sorry! are you feeling any better? such a bummer. now oklahoma will be even less-fond for you - if that's posible. :)

    what movie did you see?

  2. So sorry you are ill!!! At least you're not ill in merry, merry Maryland and missing out on playdates with me!

    What movie did you see? If you can do the movie alone why not the meal-at-sit-down-restaurant-alone? (I have done neither but dream of both.)

    I will try to drum up some excitement for you.

  3. oh no! what kind of sick? head cold stuff or stomach stuff due to circle k a-la-cart? i hope you feel better soon.

  4. i have a cousin who lives there and she has 13 kids. i will let you come to any conclusions you would like!