Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Thoughts (part 1)

Because I still can't get my brain to create full-length posts, my aforementioned topics will be turned into mini-posts today and Friday.

As previously mentioned, Chuck and I have the opportunity to go on lots of dates in the next couple of months. Here are two ideas for dates I'd love to go on, but won't. First, I would love to go shopping for Airstream trailers. Not because we want one, or could we even afford one. But I think they would be so much fun to walk in and through. Second (don't judge me), I want to rent a hotel by the hour. Hear me out. Who wants to watch TV from their bed while eating jalapeno chips (and not care about the crumbs)? I do! Who wants to take a shower and leave towels on the floor for someone else to clean up? I do! Because this is a PG-rated blog, I won't mentioned the other, but...I do!

I told Chuck that one of my resolutions this year is to take off the peel of the clementines into one piece. He said, "Now that's a worthwhile goal." I responded, "AT LEAST I HAVE GOALS." I think I won that one.

If you got our Christmas card this year and you read this blog, I apologize. For 2013's card, I aim to include things you didn't see on the blog. However, since most share-worthy things get posted here, the card might include things like, "We made all the lights on the way home from church once!" Don't get too excited.

I am constantly amazed at how people lived without the internet. Granted, I was one of them until college, but still. I mean, how did people find out how many meatballs came in one particular box? Or how did people know the current weather? (These are real searches recently made by moi.)


  1. "at least i have goals." love it. :)

    airstreams are very cool; that would be fun to walk through one.

    i don't get it - how many meatballs in one box? enlighten me, please.

  2. I love all of this. Erin, you kill me.

  3. I frequently want to check myself into a hotel for the night.....I'd let P come to "visit" but then really I want the bed to myself and I want to sleep as long as like, watch whatever I want etc.etc. ;)

    I have successfully peeled a clementine with ONE swoop!!! I know, be impressed! ;) I can also peel an apple occasionally in one big peel. My kids LOVE that one.