Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Thoughts (part 2)

While dowries aren't that common anymore, at least in America, I was thinking of an updated, modern type dowry. You know, as in, what gifts or money did I bring to the marriage. Clearly there was money (ahem, some of Chuck's loans that "we" paid off), but I'm not interested in that type. Rather, I am just thinking about the things that I introduced Chuck to that he might not have seen had he not married me. For example, Daria. This cartoon is about a too-smart, socially-awkward teenager and her popular sister. Let's just say I could relate; man, was I popular [sarcastic font]. Anyway, this show is awesome and Chuck and I love it. I loved it before, but now he loves it too. So yes, I think of it as my dowry to him.

This was my one-thousandth pin (thanks, Eileen, for bringing number 1,000 to my attention). I love Pinterest. Who is having the next baby girl?

Speaking of Eileen, she and her friend Kara started a blog a couple of months ago and on Wednesday they did a special post on me. Man, I sure can talk a lot about myself.  Feeling a little self-conscious right about now.

Locals, have any of you seen the uncooked tortillas? My sister and I bought some at Walmart this summer in Utah, but seeing as I never drive to Germantown, I'm looking for them locally...without success. If you've seen them, let me know.

I am 35, but don't feel like it. I'm not talking physically, but mentally. I mean, when I look at people who are just out of college, I think, "Yeah, they're my age." And when I see people on TV who have houses, spouses, kids, I NEVER think, "Yeah, they're my age." Here I am at 25 (maybe nearly 26?). I know it's a bad picture but it was taken with film. Color film, but film nonetheless. Maybe I am old. But at least I still look this good.

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  1. love your 1000th pin. adorable.

    i just read the blog about you and loved it. it's great. no need to feel self-conscious at all.

    does your walmart not carry the tortillas? i think diana bought them at sam's club? actually, i know she did and so you might want to try there.

    man i miss those tetons. we had some great times there! sigh.