Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Google Autofill

I love how Google tries to finish your searches. Most of the time it's helpful. But sometimes, uh, it's not even close. I led Google on a couple of random searches to bring you the following:

How does...paypal/twitter/sensa work? What is sensa? Ah, I see: a weight-loss drug.

When is...St. Patrick's Day/Easter/Mardi Gras? I get the latter two, but St. Patrick's Day? It's the same day every year.

Should I...refinance/stay or should I go lyrics/get bangs? Ha. Like Google knows if you should get bangs.

Where is...Chuck Norris/my tax refund? Chuck Norris? Am I missing something?

Why can't...we be friends/I sleep/I lose weight? Oh, secret-stash-of-goodies knows exactly the answer to the third question.

Who is...Jody Arias/John Galt/Gossip Girl?

Let' a kiki. Uh, kiki? I must admit: it made me nervous to do this search. Turns out it's just some very strange song.

Maryland is...the what state/known for/for crabs/the best state/the worst state/boring. Turns out it's not the worst state, not even close. The best is New York. The worst is...Arizona! Utah is third worst. WHAT?! I must admit their reasons are pretty funny. Utah for a single woman is pretty bad. And, let's be honest, so is Baltimore.

P.S. Only because I think this is many of these toys do you remember? How many did you own? I remember all but the Pocket Rocker. For fifteen of these, I think I owned them or played regularly with friends'. I remember those exact scratch 'n' sniffs. Teddy Ruxpin. Snoopy Sno Cone. All awesome. (I have a koosh ball on my work desk this very second.)


  1. You are so clever with your posts! Google autofill is pretty funny at times. It makes me wonder about the future of our country to see some of the things people ask!

    Sad that Utah is ranked so low! You'd think it would be some "nowhere" state like North Dakota or something! Poor Utah :(

    Love the vintage toys! My mom still has our Snoopy Sno Cone somewhere in our pantry, I guarantee it!

  2. love those retro toys. they rock. (like you, i don't remember the pocket rocker.)

    funny stuff with google autofill! i love it.

  3. My girls currently play with my old my little ponies. They are much cuter than the new looking ones. That article on the worst states is pretty funny. I say good for Utah ranking so low, maybe less people will want to move here. Maybe.

  4. Those were hilarious.
    And I totally forgot about Bed Bugs, I used to love that game.

  5. I agree, I would totally think ND ranks "worse" than Utah and Arizona. FUNNY.

    AND.....I had almost all of the toys too....minus Alf, but I knew who it was, and the "transformer" type, oh and no gumby of my own, but once again, I knew what/who it was! ;)


    Emery's plays with all of our old my little pony's they are making a come back I tell you!

  6. Oh man I hate those jerks that hate Arizona...though...everything said was pretty much exactly true....,